Kitchen Reno Update & Our Budget

October 28, 2019

It’s Monday which means it’s time for another kitchen renovation update!! We had a minor delay on Saturday (searching for a saw blade to fit Austin’s saw so we could cut this piece of wood from the floor that needed to be removed) so we unfortunately didn’t get to install the tile as planned BUT we all got a much needed REST day from manual labor!

See our 1st kitchen reno update HERE and all the plans for the space here.

What We’ve Done:

  • Patched a considerable amount of drywall
  • Installed cement boards on floor
  • Cabinets were delivered
  • I picked up the floor tile & grout
  • Passed rough-in inspection for electric
  • ADU came out to inspect for appliance install

Next Immediate Steps:

  • Finish patching the drywall (never-ending job for my dad)
  • Floor tile install starts THURSDAY!!
  • Prepare the exhaust vent for the over the range
  • I need to do some shopping: purchase alternate knobs, find bar stools, order 2nd possible faucet option, order tile backsplash

A lot of people have asked if I’ll share our kitchen renovation budget and I’m happy to outline everything below thus far – hopefully this is helpful for some of you! We’ve saved a lot by doing a ton ourselves. And like I mentioned Ikea has a project credit card in which you can get 0% APR for up to 24 months. We used it for our counter & cabinets and plan to pay it off in 12 months.

Item Cost
Floor Tile$450
Electric $3690
Plumbing $1,100
Dumpster Rental $175
Light above sink $150
Lights above island $200
Crown Molding $300
New Window $200
Back Splash $500
Cement Board, Drywall, Plywood$300
Thinset, Grout $100
Cabinet Install$2000
Ikea Cabinets$4400
Ikea Counter $4600
TOTAL $18,465.00



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