Mama’s Take Note Everything You Need To Know This Week 8/31!



This picture makes me laugh but its the best one of the 3 of us. Wearing my Madewell overalls I LOVE and Piper’s wearing her beloved star dress she picked out :) 

I can’t believe tomorrow it will be SEPTEMBER! The unofficial start of my very favorite time of the year. I hate how it always flies by so quickly so I’m determined to try and slow down – speaking of slowing down this post that Liz of Pure Joy Home wrote HIT HOME.

 “He knew that if he called me at 2 PM on a Wednesday, I would be frustrated because the kids were begging for my attention/I was late on a deadline/the house was a mess and I felt like I was drowning. I was short, angry and basically a bitch. Even worse, Grace started asking me if I was happy. Totally innocent question but that sweet little 3 year old could sense I wasn’t some days, and so she asked me. Horrifying, right?”

It’s me in a nutshell. It’s how I’ve been the past few months but I think that summer I started to get a little better. I’ve been downright irritable because of all of the reasons above, it’s really been a hard balance which I’ve talked about previously since Flora was born. Anyway – its a great post to read and something to keep in mind heading into this busy time of year!

This NYT article on the gender divide in toddler’s clothes also really resonated with me!! It’s so true and I frequently buy Piper’s clothing in the boys section – (though she’s currently obsessed with pink and princesses I don’t want her entire wardrobe to be made out of it).

A few ways to sneak veggies into your kids meals.

6 reasons why mothers should not apologize or feel bad about needing SLEEP.

Teaching toddlers consent... I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately now that Piper is 3.

There are a ton of Labor Day Sales happening right now – I’ve posted some of my favorite finds at the very bottom of this post  – but J.Crew is 40%, Old Navy is 50% off jeans, tees, sweatshirts and dresses and Loft and Abercrombie are also 40% off.

Here’s the adorable HEY THERE PUMPKIN doormat I ordered on Etsy and shared on Instagram this week! I also got this buffalo check throw for the living room on Amazon which I think will soften up a bit in the wash.

Got a lot of questions about this applesauce cake that Piper and I made after her first day of preschool! I used my egg replacement I got from Whole Foods (NEAT EGG) and made a faux buttercream frosting with my Earth Balance since Piper isn’t a fan of cream cheese. It was a hit and we’ve been snacking on it since Wednesday. Can’t wait to keep up this tradition.

And ….today’s the last day to order your Premium Starter Kit with Young Living and get my fall promo items for free! A 2nd diffuser, set of glass roller balls for making ALL the fall blends and pretty calligraphy labels! Here are the FAQ about oils, 20 ways to use oils during pregnancy, labor & postpartum and you can sign up HERE to get your kit!

Here are some of the Labor Day sale finds in my cart (or on their way to me)!


Have a wonderful long weekend and we’ll see you back here on Tuesday!




Mama’s Take Note Everything You Need To Know This Week 8/31!


  1. Khayrie says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article as well as your story. Great read indeed!

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