March Book Club Picks

March 1, 2018

I decided to change things up — instead of posting a seasonal book list I’m going to be sharing two books every month that I think you’ll be excited to read with me. One parenting/baby/birth book and one for fun, usually fiction but I love memoirs too.

To kick things off I’m starting with a much talked about new release in parenting, Achtung Baby. I don’t know what it is about these expat books (maybe my secret desire to live abroad for a while) but I’m always so intrigued by them and clearly other people are too –I’m sure you’ve all read Bringing Up Bebé by now. Achtung Baby gives us a look at how German parents raise independent, self-reliant children from the perspective of an American mother who moved to Berlin with her husband and toddler while she was pregnant. I think this will be pretty eye opening for me as I’m quite a helicopter mom/attachment parent whatever you want to call it at the moment– basically the idea of giving Piper too much independence the possibility of her getting hurt FREAKS ME OUT. It may have to do with this scary incident (which still happens, by the way) but ever since I’m pretty hands on at all times when we are anywhere out of the house. Anyway, I’m really excited to read this!

And a NYT best selling novel I’m actually already halfway through, Little Fires Everywhere! I got sucked into this one pretty quickly and then lost my nightly reading time.  I have a goal of reading 20 minutes every night instead of typing blog posts, browsing Pinterest or getting depressed on Instagram and I think having a goal of reading two entire books every month is pretty lofty but I’m going to try. If you have any suggestions for other books please send them my way!!



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