Toddler Alphabet Soup Game

Piper (age 3.5) had so much fun playing this alphabet soup game! I wasn’t expecting her to enjoy it as much or get through all the letters but we did 2x when I introduced it! It couldn’t be easier and helps your toddlers with letter recognition and fine motor skills! 

We picked up foam letters at The Dollar Tree – but you could use magnets or puzzle pieces, too! Next we put them in a soup pot and I gave Piper a big spoon to stir them with. 

One at a time she had to carefully pick out a letter with the spoon – we then talked about it. What sound it makes, what words start with that letter and then she had to find its spot in the puzzle. She had SO much fun and knew way more letters than I realized! 



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  1. Ashley

    January 15th, 2019 at 8:12 pm

    Thanks for sharing easy game ideas like this. Love it!