Winter Wardrobe Essentials For Moms



Baby…. it’s cold outside. It’s actually been a pretty mild winter for us so far – last week was the first day I felt like I was freezing my tush off running around Annapolis taking photos without a coat on! I’m sharing a few wardrobe essentials to get you through these final cold months until we can start thinking about our Spring wardrobes. I’m not shopping for the month of January – but that means I have plenty of time to think about what my closet is missing, right? 

Cozy, over-sized sweaters

I wear this one from H&M non-stop and have found some other great options below. I usually don’t wear cardigans too much in the winter unless I’m lounging around the house – they don’t fit will under coats and make me too warm when I’m out. I love them for fall though! 


Yes. You need Uggs. There’s really no way around it. I love the short ankle style these days – but I’ve been wearing the ones I got a few years ago until they fall apart. Target also has some really good quality suede look-a-likes in a variety of heights! 


It’s been a wet season for us the past few months and while I love my Hunter rain boots I don’t find them practical for everyday life. Instead I really want these Sam Edelman ankle rain boots that I’ve heard great things about. 


To wear with said rain boots and Uggs, for running errands and being lazy. There are ways to dress up leggings, sure but in the winter I usually wear them when I want to be cozy. My very favorite leggings are the Zella Live-In High Rise. I got them for postpartum after I had Flora and love how they come up over the belly button and offer a little support in that area. 

Thin Every-Day Sweaters 

I’m a big fan of the cross-over sweater right now. Not only is it breastfeeding friendly but it just seems a little bit more stylish and interesting than a simple crewneck. I wear mine all the time, a bunch of different ways. I’ve also been loving my mock-neck sweater and find myself wearing it way more than I imagined! 


Chunky Scarf + Winter Hat

The bigger, the better! I wear them around the house + inside as part of my outfit and obviously with my coat, too! Wearing this cute striped one from Loft below. 



Brings You Joy Winter Coat

Yes, that over-used term rings true for your winter coat. You’ll be wearing it for at least 2 more months so you better love it. I love a fur-lined parka best for everyday mom life. It’s cute, practical and warm. I have this J.Crew Factory one and keep holding back on getting the J.Crew one, maybe next year :)  And you can’t go wrong with a teddy coat. I love this fleece one I got on Amazon (it’s not a COAT – more of a fleece but it’s really warm, not the best quality but it doesn’t bother me) and then I loooove the Loft one I’m wearing above that I got last year. This one is really similar and I love the pipping.





Winter Wardrobe Essentials For Moms



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