Amazon Bows!!

The prettiest bows from Amazon. I use these for hair styles and decor.

Quilted Amazon Jacket

So adorable, available in several colors.

Bath & Body Works Gift Ideas

Cutest Holiday Sweater

It comes in adult & child sizes!

Money & Gift Card Maze

A fun way to gift cash or gift cards!

Money Dispenser Box

Pretend Money Set

Wooden Baby Doll Accessories

Baby Doll Stroller

That isn't tacky!! So cute

Silicone Tea Set

Playdough Table

I wish I had this little table designed specifically for using & storing playdough years ago!

Over-sized Hollow Building Blocks

These giant building blocks look fun for kids of all ages!

Ride-On Scooter

The most adorable retro style ride-on I've seen! It's from Step-2 and made of a durable plastic, under $100 and comes in 3 colors!

Color Changing Play Sink

We had one of these little sinks (it uses real water) during Covid times and it was a life saver! This color-changing version has 10k reviews and is one of the most gifted items on Amazon!

Pretend Building Bricks

I love how realistic this set of 50 play bricks is!

Wooden & Gem Blocks

The prettiest, open-ended play blocks around!

Pretend Pots & Pans

I love that these realistic play kitchen accessories come in this little stand!

Bath Spaghetti

All of the fun Kohl's bath finds!

Santa Glass

Sells out every year!

Sensory Reef Activity Toy

This beautiful, interactive sensory toy is a top toy of the year finalist for 2023!

Crinkle Paper

This crinkle paper doubles as a teether and sensory toy. My girls loved it and it's one of my favorite things to gift new parents. Perfect for a stocking, too!

Baby Ball Pit

I love the shape of this 'baby ball pit'- it comes in several pretty colors! Sensory

Mess-Free Finger Paint

Parents will love this mess-free finger painting set!

Silicone Block Set

Perfect for the youngest builders but will last for years to come. My big kids still use these!

Sensory Splash Pad

Fill this small splash mat with water for simple sensory play!

Selfie-Fun Play Phone

For the iPhone obsessed baby. I'm usually not into this type of plastic toy but babies truly love this pretend phone, equipped with a mirror for their own 'selfies'.

Wooden Sensory Laptop Toy

If you have a babe that likes to grab for your laptop then this is the toy for you! I wish I had it for my girls to 'work' along side of me when they were young! Perfect for work-at-home parents.

Colorful Scarves

$8 stocking stuffer

Cuddle & Kind Dolls

Float & Play Bubbles

Over 24k reviews on Amazon!

Fall Amazon Fashion Finds

Walmart Halloween PJs

Bat Wine Opener

Spooky Artwork

Dancing Broom

Beach Pool For Kids

Standing Swing

Target Kitchen Mat

Mystery Surprise Craft box

Silicone Popsicle Molds

Wet/Dry Bag Set

Ice Cream Cup & Scoops

Lilac Plastic Plate

Plastic Plates

Water Pump For Outside!

Car Snack Tray

Silicone Dipping Trays

Learning Chopsticks

Clipboard Case For Activities

My Favorite Nightgown

Bath Potions

Le Specs Sunnies

Travel Snack Tray

Silicone Tea Set

Spring Trench

Travel Booster Seat

Travel Backpack

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