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So, you want to be a book lady with me? You’re in the right spot! It’s been a year since I joined Usborne Books & More as a sales consultant and the past few months I’ve really focused on growing my business and team. It’s been such a fun and rewarding experience not only getting to discover tons of amazing new books with my children but getting these books into the hands of other moms, forging new friendships and adding a new revenue stream for our family!

In short… this experience will offer you 25% commission on all of your book sales, the opportunity to earn lots of free children’s books for yourself and no pressure with sales minimums or requirements. Yep, that’s right, you don’t have to hold inventory, hit any sales quotas or have any pressure to sell. Being an Usborne Books & More consultant is truly what you make of it depending on your personal goals and aspirations!

Here are the most commonly asked questions I get about joining my Usborne Books & More team as an independent sales consultant!!

For more info on earning free books for your kids by hosting a book party check out the info here !

How does it work?
You can sign up to be on my team right here! Then you’ll get a welcome email full of information on how to get started with everything. We’ll also add you to our private team Facebook group which has been an invaluable resource to me, it’s full of information and other sales consultants to connect and collaborate with.

Many consultants utilize Facebook parties to grow their business, which we explain and walk you through setting up but you don’t have to use it.

What’s a book party and how does it work?
Many consultants find success by having parties. You find a host who invites their friends to shop from your Usborne e-shop, this can be done virtually (on Facebook or email etc.) or in-person. Your host earns free books based on the party sales and you earn 25% commission on those sales. You absolutely don’t have to host parties, it’s just one way to make sales and get the word out there about our amazing, interactive children’s books!

How much money can I earn?
That is totally up to you! The sky is the limit, quite literally! You’ll earn 25% commission on sales made through your e-shop. Personally, I have an account set up for my weekly commission check which is directly deposited and I’m using it to pay for our family vacation to Europe next year.

Do I have to invest a lot to start?
Nope, that’s the best part! You can start your own business with as little as $25!! You can see the different membership kit options here.

Are there sales minimums every month?
Nope!! That’s my favorite part about this business, you can do as much or as little with it as you want with no pressure to hit sales quotas. If you have a busy season of life, just put it on pause. I joined a year ago and wasn’t very active with my business until recently. It’s always there and I love that flexibility!

How do you sell the books?
You can sell them online, in-person, utilizing parties and book fairs. There are many options!

What if I don’t have a social media following? Can I still make money?
That’s ok! Most of our successful sales consultants don’t have a large following on social media. I use Instagram and this site as one of my selling tools, but it’s not all I do!

Any other questions? Send me an email and you can join here!

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