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You know I love kids books so it seemed like a no-brainer to add Usborne to my list of affiliates and help promote early literacy at the same time :) So….want to know more? About how you can earn free books too?

My girls love their (growing) collection of Usborne & More books – they are educational, interactive and beautifully made. The photos online really do not do them justice! Here are a few current favorites:

Nibbles:This book is super interactive, I’ve read this book no short of 20 times since getting it a few weeks ago. Piper is obsessed! It would make a great gift, too!

That’s Not My Unicorn :We have 4 or 5 from this series and Flora is all about the touch & feel books right now. She nearly always grabs one of these when she is ‘reading’ to herself!

At The Library: This book is soooo cool! It’s part of the “Shine A Light” series – as you read it with your little one they shine a flash light behind the page and it makes magical shadows and illustrations appear. Piper thought this was the neatest concept ever and we have loved reading it together. I can’t wait to get more from this series!

Peek Inside The Zoo: This is another favorite of Flora’s right now. She loves the interactive flaps and all of the animals and I love that it’s teaching her more than just animal identification but facts that are fun for Piper to learn about, too!

You can see more of our favorites HERE!

So how do YOU earn free books? The easiest way is to host a virtual Usborne book party yourself! No strings attached – just fill out this quick form. You invite your friends to the virtual party which is held on Facebook and I share a series of posts & videos about our amazing collection of books. And then YOU earn free books based on the total sales from your party. It’s a great way to spread awareness for literacy and get these amazing books into the hands of more kids, and stock your personal bookshelves with a few new titles!

And if you want info on joining my team and selling Usborne books yourself check out these FAQ!

And if you like what you see, you can join Usborne & More as a consultant and join on my team! It’s a $25 investment right now. Just email me for the scoop. It’s been such a fun adventure since I said YES and signed up!

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Info On Hosting A Book Party



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