Summer Dinner Ideas We’ve Been Loving



For the most part summer cooking in our house is quick and easy. Although we have YET to fire up our grill (the proximity to our kitchen just makes it annoying, especially now that it’s 95 degrees every day) I’ve managed to make cooking FUN again. I mentioned on Instagram last night that I have been in a real cooking rut and just use it as a means to feed the kids as quick as possible – when in reality I really ENJOY cooking as a pastime. So I’ve tried to get into the habit of having fun in the kitchen a few nights a week and put together fresh, seasonal recipes for my family.

Here are some easy summer dinner ideas that are in our rotation!

Veggie Pasta. It couldn’t be easier…..sauté or grill up your favorite veggies (zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes are a few favorites) and toss with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and parmesan. I serve this as the main dish with no sides!

Or, my very favorite summer pasta sauce recipe! I make this every other week in the summer, when tomatoes are ripe it’s just too good! I love to top it with roasted shrimp!

And this Pesto Pasta With White Beans is so easy and good! I used to buy pesto from Trader Joe’s but now I make a nut-milk-free version for Flora, will share the easy recipe soon!

Chicken Sausages (we get them at Whole Foods or TJs but nearly every store has them now) and French Potato Salad. I’ve been making this for years and although the girls don’t like this potato salad yet – Austin and I do! I usually just save a few potatoes for them and sprinkle with salt & pepper.

BBQ Chicken Thighs (marinate all day in your favorite BBQ sauce) and pesto pasta (I serve chilled with cherry tomatoes, cucubumbers & black olives) OR serve with Pesto Green Bean Potato Salad.

I’m trying these Chicken Gyros this week! And I’m making this cucumber salad to go along side.

I’m also planning to make this delicious take on caprese salad.

And this charred corn & zucchini salad!

I’ve also been making a kale salad on repeat – I’ll be sharing the recipe next week but essentially it’s just shredded dino kale, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and sunflower seeds and I toss it in an easy lemon honey vinaigrette. It’s sooooo good!




Summer Dinner Ideas We’ve Been Loving



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