DIY Moon Sand Ice Cream Play



It’s been SO hot with the heat wave hitting most of the country we’ve been trying to come up with creative activities for inside. Piper had SO much fun with our Ice Cream Shop Sensory Play activity I wanted to give it another spin and had been wanting to try making Moon Sand for a while!

When I spotted these little scoops, cups, spoons at Target I knew we had to get messy and have some fun scooping “ice cream”!

I searched on Pinterest for a while checking out different recipes – and we went with this simple ratio: 1 cup of flour and 4 tbs of canola oil. Here’s how you make it!

First mix your oil with your food coloring (we skipped this step). Ensure you have it mixed all the way!

Next add it into the flour and stir, mix with hands until it’s crumbly and resembles sand.

Do this activity in a bin or box to contain it – or put down a plastic tablecloth. I’m not sure how the food coloring will react with your surfaces or hands since we skipped this step!

Have fun!

*I only kept for 2 days and then tossed this since it can easily get moldy. I make 1 small batch at a time!

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DIY Moon Sand Ice Cream Play



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