July Amazon Fashion Finds

July 21, 2020

I consider spending hours browsing Amazon for fashion finds one of my hobbies – and trust me it is a pretty time consuming one! Here are all my recent discoveries. I always suggest taking a good look at the reviews before you buy clothes from Amazon!

  1. Scalloped Bikini You’ve probably seen this on every fashion blogger, but I love this color.
  2. Long Sleeve Tunic DRess: My favorite Amazon mumu dress in a shorter length! Scooping this one up to wear into fall!
  3. Polka Dot Tie Strap Tank: I loved this top in theory but it’s a little too cropped for my postpartum body.
  4. Baby Doll Tunic Top: This is on my fall wish list – you can wear it now with shorts and into the fall and winter with jeans. I also love that its loose and billowy which makes nursing easy!
  5. Studded Sandals – I just got these and love them! They don’t offer any support and have a flat bottom but for wearing out and about they are perfect.
  6. Black Tie Strap Dress: I just got this in and it’s a dream for easily nursing but is still so adorable. I can’t get enough of the tie strap trend if you haven’t noticed! I want to grab this in another color, but the black is versatile.
  7. Blue Scalloped Bikini: Another version of the scalloped bikini that has a lace up back.
  8. Rattan Headbands: Wondering how I went all summer without these!
  9. Tie Strap Dress: A classic print and modern silhouette.



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