Weekly Box Ideas July 20th



Every week ( I try) to put together activities into our plastic bins (sold out from Target) for Monday – Friday. Usually it doesn’t take me long to pull these together – sometimes I just add toys or games from a rotation and others I’ll put more energy into craft projects. The goal is that most of the activities my girls are able to do independently so I’m able to work or take care of the baby. Here’s a peek at what I put together for this week and for more ideas check out this link.

Color & Letter Hunt: The girls will look through magazines to find colors (Flora age 2) and letters (Piper age 5). I made little “books” for them to use to glue down what they find. Anything with their own notebook is a hit around here!

Bubble Wands: We are going to make bubble wands with beads, pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks to use out in the yard.

Stamp Books: I got out these notebooks from Target (which we use all the time for various projects & activities) and our stamps and ink pads. I also put numbers in Piper’s so she can work on counting.

Tissue Paper Crumple: This one is for Flora – I’m going to have her sort the colored tissue paper and then practice fine motor skills to crumple it and shove it inside the water bottles.

Dot-A-Dot Numbers: We don’t do many worksheets, but these continue to be a big hit with Piper. We are just starting to work more on her double digit number recognition and I think this will be a fun way to tackle it! I printed these off for free from this site and we have the ice cream colored dot markers.

Unicorn Sensory Bin: I’ve been attempting to do a new sensory bin every 1-2 weeks and Flora has been asking to play in sand non-stop. I have to get new kinetic sand but in the meantime I used some colored sand from the craft store and added gems, unicorns, scoops and pom poms for an imaginative play sensory bin.

Letter Matching: This is a simple one but Piper has really been enjoying alphabet bingo. This is a way to do it with just 1 player. I give her our alphabet print and set out a pile of letters. I call out a letter, she finds the lower case magnet and then matches it to the upper case on the sheet.

Pirate Play: And this is just an open-ended play set up using our pirate themed crafts! Instead of leaving this stuff out I put it away so it becomes exciting again to see it show up in an activity box. I also included our new pirate transfer book I know the girls will be excited to use! More pirate ideas from our camp HERE!

I also made simple movement cards to use outside – we’ll pick a shell that has a movement and then pick a number and have fun moving in the yard!

Activity Box Ideas



Weekly Box Ideas July 20th


  1. Alyssa says:

    Your ideas are always amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them.

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