We know the drill. The meltdowns start to begin, you frantically search for your phone or iPad but you really don't want to be THOSE parents at the restaurant. The mom guilt starts. I was in the position ALL the time until I started packing little busy bags for my girls. 

What are busy bags exactly?
Simply put - a bag of activities to keep your little one BUSY while you are out and about. They are meant for on-the-go experiences when you have a little time to fill. 

I now keep one for each child in the diaper bag and refresh them every week or so with new activities. They keep my kids busy and allow me to have a conversation or eat my french fries in peace for a minute. #winwin 


Do you want to actually enjoy a conversation while you’re out to dinner or traveling with your toddlers but don’t know how to keep them entertained without a screen? 

Some places I’ve used and loved our busy bags: 

Wine tasting in Napa 
On the airplane 
When we have company over 
when nursing my newborn
Going out to dinner 

But you don’t have the time to search on Pinterest for ideas and spend hours creating DIY projects? I get it! I teamed up with my sister who is an early childhood educator to create this book.

We’ve done the work for you and put together over 20+ developmental ideas that are not only fun and engaging for your children when out and about but are EASY for you to create. 

+Over 20 activities for toddlers (ages 12 months and up)
+A resource list with clickable links for everything you’ll need
+Beautiful photography by Lauren Swann 
+Developmental benefits and adaptations for the activities

What you’ll find in this 29 page book: 


"This is an amazing resource for moms who want to get out with their kids, but dread the inevitable public meltdowns & backseat battles. I don't have much spare time or craft skills, but I felt like every project was totally doable. Can't wait to make my way through the list! Thank you!" - Meg

"I can already see how this book is going to be a life-saver for me. My three-year old is SO BUSY and needs extra attention now that her baby sister is here. Having these bags ready to use during the baby's feedings, fussy periods, etc. will give her something to do that's special and just for her. And they may even help keep my mom guilt at bay! ;) " -Emily

"The notebook activities were a big hit with my almost 4 year old! It was so easy to create the activities, and she loves that she now has her own little notebook to carry around!" - Jen

This book is for you if:

+You want more freedom to enjoy yourself when you’re out with your toddlers but don’t want them glued to a screen

+You want to be the kind of mom that creates fun projects for her kids but don’t have the time and energy to figure out what age-appropriate activities are best 

+You want your toddlers to have developmentally stimulating activities to do that are also fun

+You don’t mind using a hot glue gun and getting a little crafty. It’s easy, we promise!