10 Things To Pack When Flying With A Baby



10 Things To Pack When Flying With A Baby

Piper has 8 flights down now and each one has presented its own set of challenges given her age at the time. I was most nervous on her first flight (across the country, none the less) but I was really worried about our trip to California last month since she’s very active now and can be stubborn. I don’t know why I was so worried because Piper’s such a great baby and she was perfect, barely even cried! I shared a bunch of tips for flying with an infant here but today I’m sharing the items we keep on hand in our diaper bag or carry on when we fly besides the obvious (wipes, diapers, cream, food, milk etc.). 

10 Things To Pack When Traveling With A Baby

Ziplock bags – These work really well if you need to contain soiled clothing. 

Plastic trash bags – I keep a bunch in our diaper bag to use for diaper changes on the go. 

Disposable changing pads – These have saved me when Piper has decided to go to the bathroom while I’m changing her. I can’t suggest them enough! 

Extra pacifiers – We don’t use a pacifier anymore with Piper except for occasions like flying. When she was an infant we always packed several since we lose at least one every flight under the seat. 

New toys & books – Even babies appreciate the ‘new factor’ when it comes to toys. Piper’s really into non-toys at this age so we brought a purse full of random things she hadn’t played with before along with two new books. She was shrieking over the pop-up dog book and it was so fun to see her joy — dogs are her favorite thing and one of the few words she says all day. 

Sippy cups or bottles – I fill up Piper’s sippy cup as soon as we get on the plane and try to keep her hydrated as we fly. 

Extra clothes – For both you and baby. 

Thin muslin blankets – Great for swaddling younger babies, adding an extra layer for warmth or laying down in the airport for an older baby to play on. They are also so light and don’t take up valuable room in your diaper bag. 

Thermometer & Meds – This may seem crazy but ever since Piper had a fever last month I’ve been paranoid about her temperature and could image the panic of being in flight for 6 hours without anything on hand. These items now routinely get packed for long distance trips! 

Pouches of food – I normally try to avoid these but they are great for traveling, especially flying. 

Nursing cover – If you’re breastfeeding. 

And… food obviously but bring more than you think you’ll need – more bottles/milk, favorite snacks. 

10 Things To Pack When Flying With A Baby




10 Things To Pack When Flying With A Baby


  1. Cassie says:

    Thank you so much for this post! We are traveling overseas to England in October and our little guy will be just shy of 6 months old. I love reading different tips and tricks from various moms with baby-travel experience. I never would have thought to pack baby Tylenol, but now I will!

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