10 Toddler Activities For Long Road Trips

10 Toddler Activities For Road Trips

Are you traveling this Thanksgiving? We are heading on a long road trip with a few stops and we’ll be in the car about 16 hours over the next 4 days. Yikes! Piper’s not a huge fan of being in the car so I’ll likely be sitting in the back seat with her and I’ve been researching different activities I can have ready to go when meltdowns occur. We try to plan our trips for when we think Piper would prefer to be sleeping, but it doesn’t usually go as planned. Remember to save some of these activities for your way home so you still have some “new” tricks up your sleeve!

Do you have any tips or activities? I’d love to hear!


Post Its – We’ve used these on the airplane before with success — simply let your kid go to town with post it’s – sticking them on the back of the seat, a book or peeling ones off that you’ve stuck.

Window Clings – These wont’ work for children sitting in the middle seat too well but older ones may enjoy sticking window clings to the windows.

Discovery Boxes – Every few hours give your child a new box or bag full of discovery items — this can be anything from kitchen utensils to small toys, the name of the game is offering them items they haven’t played with before or in a while.

Spools of ribbon – This kept Piper busy during our last road trip, she enjoyed unrolling spools of ribbon, and then I would just roll them back up for her, over and over and over….

Play kids music– Have your child’s favorite tunes cued up — they almost always calm Piper down and she has fun singing along to familiar music.

Stickers- Piper recently started playing with stickers and I plan on bringing a few new sheets and construction paper for her to use on our trip.

Magnet or felt board – I’m hoping these entertain Piper… here is a great post on how to make a magnet board and here’s one for a felt board¬†– I’m going to make mine with cardboard in a smaller size.

New books – Head to the library before your trip to surprise your little one with plenty of new books!

Busy Wallet– I’m so excited to make this for Piper and give it to her during our trip, I read about it here. She loves to take my wallet out of my purse and pull it apart. I can’t wait to give her one to play with in the car!

iPad – When all else fails I’m not above resorting to the iPad. We have two games we let her play in the car (Fisher Price farm animals & shapes) and we’ll also download some Pixar Shorts and episodes of Sesame Street. Piper’s usually not too interested in really watching long but it does help calm her down if she’s really upset.



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