10 Ways To Practice Self-Care



I’ve been pretty crummy with practicing self-care the past two years but I’m trying to change that. I just started taking my friend Kelly’s online Self-Care Course (I’m only on lesson 2) and I’m already determined to make some changes in my life! Here are a few simple ways you can practice self-care in your busy life.


Take a long, hot bath

Spend an hour reading for enjoyment before bed (put the parenting book down)

Take a walk around your neighborhood, by yourself if you can manage

Get up early so you have time for an extra cup of coffee while you read the paper or watch the news

Plan a mid-week date with a friend, even if just for a quick lunch or coffee

Hire a babysitter for an hour  so you can focus on yourself — no grocery shopping or family errands or work. Get a pedicure or a hair cut, visit that antique store you’ve been eyeing, go sit in a park and read.

Make it a priority to get 8 hours of sleep, your body will thank you

Paint your nails + put on a face mask

Eat healthy for a full day

Take a social media break and don’t check email on your phone


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10 Ways To Practice Self-Care



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