15 Things That Make Me Happy For Spring



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Most years by mid-March I’m eagerly waiting the arrival of spring but this winter didn’t feel that tough, we had one big, fun snow storm but it’s been pretty mild.  There’s still a nip in the air that gives you that giddy feeling that a new season is hiding around the corner, the trees on our street are just starting to bloom and the daffodils are popping up in our backyard. And I’m sure ready to put away my boots and flats in lieu of spring sandals! Stripes and jeans are my go-to this time of year — and a fun, yet comfortable sandal is a breath of fresh spring air to my wardrobe. 

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These block heel sandals are from Hush Puppies — and are the perfect mix of comfort and style…. These days I’m not interested in heels unless I can get away with standing in them for hours for work. I love the nude color which is versatile enough to mix with just about everything in my wardrobe. Did you know March 20th marks the International Day Of Happiness? Hush Puppies is all about smiling at life, so the brand is celebrating International Day of Happiness by giving back! They’ve generously donated $500 in my name to the Make A Wish Foundation…..how awesome is that?  

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I have a lot to be happy about this spring…and with this time of fresh starts and new beginnings I thought I’d share 15 little things that make me happy this time of year… maybe they bring a smile to your face too? I plan on reflecting back on this list when I’m having a rough day or feeling worn down…it’s important to find joy in the simple pleasures of life. 

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Like a great pair of spring sandals ;)  Hush Puppies is putting a smile on someone else’s face by giving away this pair of ‘Molly Malia’ sandals — stop by my Instagram  to enter before Sunday! 

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1 Things That Make Me Happy During The Spring 

  1. The start of farmer’s markets! 
  2. Abundant flowers (and selection) at the grocery store 
  3. Putting away my winter wardrobe 
  4. Pastel colors
  5. Easter candy and… 
  6. Eating more fresh vegetables 
  7. More day light
  8. Walking outside
  9. Opening the house windows
  10. …and sleeping with the windows open 
  11. Deep cleaning the entire house & car 
  12. Sandals! 
  13. Planting flower pots 
  14. Eating outdoors 
  15. Mother’s day brunch 
  16. Wearing shorts and long sleeves/sweaters 
  17. Lighter colored nail polish 
  18. Rainy days 
  19. Family picnics 
  20. Getting to experience spring with a daughter in tow for the first time 

*This post is sponsored by Hush Puppies 
Images by Anna Reynal




15 Things That Make Me Happy For Spring



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