20 Tips For Getting Yourself + Kids Out The Door In The Morning



If you’ve been following along on my Instagram you know that Piper is starting a 2 year old program at a school in Annapolis in just a few weeks. It’s such a huge transition with us, since she’s been at home with me and our nanny since she was born. I’m not quite ready to let go but I know it will be good for her. I’m also pretty nervous about the big lifestyle change of not lounging in our PJs, drinking coffee (and milk), getting my blog posts up and having a low key morning. For the first time we’ll need to be dressed, ready, fed and out the door by 8:20am — and in January I’ll have a little babe too! I’ve been polling all the mamas I know to get their tips for how THEY make it work – I know I’m in the minority as a working mom who hasn’t had to do this yet! So here are my favorite 20 tips!

By FAR the most suggested advice I got is to do EVERYTHING you can the night before — pack lunches, backpacks, set out clothes.

Let your child pick out 1 part of their wardrobe (shirt, shoes etc.) – “It gives them a bit of control and the illusion of choice!”

Go to bed EARLY so you are ready and rested and have more time for yourself in the morning (that sacred 15-20 minutes of getting ready, “me time” that’s not spent hitting the snooze button).

Get UP early enough to take care of your own needs (i.e. take a shower, make coffee, put on makeup) so you’re ready for the day before you help your kids.

Go beyond packing everything up the night before – put it in your car! “It’s one less thing I have to carry out in the morning.”

Get dressed WITH your contrary toddler “I’ve learned it’s a lot quicker to get my daughter dressed if I’m getting ready too, she is more willing to be cooperative if Mommy’s doing it too.”

Pick out your OWN outfit the night before too and lay it out.

“Find some quick and simple “go to” hair styles for yourself that you can complete in less than 10 minutes in the morning. There are so many on YouTube and Instagram and it really just takes a little practice to get efficient.”

Decide with your partner who will do pickup/drop off and on what days and try stick to the routine. Map it out on the fridge or in a spot where the family can see it.

Prep-plan your lunches for the week (helps to write out a little menu for when you grocery shop) so you know what you’re packing each night.

Set all the clocks in your house and car forward 10 minutes.

Prep & label bottles for daycare the night before and keep them in the fridge. Same with food for school.

Leave notes on the door for anything you may forget.

 Play music – “We usually have our Alexa playing music while we are getting ready – it keeps it upbeat!”

A day of the week clothes organizer for the closet makes it easier to plan outfits. “It’s cheesy looking but on Sunday, I fill it up for the week and it saves time making decisions or haha, dad sending her in something crazy!”

Muffin-tin egg dishes save time with breakfast! “You can make a bunch for the week and sneak in a variety of veggies!”

“I make banana bread or a breakfast bake that will last a few days or the week for breakfasts.”

Routine is KEY! “My son watches Danielle Tiger right before preschool. He knows as soon as it’s over it’s time to walk out the door every day!”

Have juice or milk in sippy cups/cups in the fridge for breakfast ready to grab and serve your kid(s).

Have a chart for toddlers/younger kids so they can check off everything they need to do (get dressed, brush teeth etc.)

Give your kids time. I know this sounds weird, but the best way I save time is to GIVE the boys time. They both lose their minds if they feel rushed. I’ve learned they need to start their days on their own terms, and that means a little chill time.”





20 Tips For Getting Yourself + Kids Out The Door In The Morning



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