2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide!



Mother’s Day is right around the corner — just under two weeks away (May 14th) and today I’m sharing a few beautiful gifts for all the mama’s in your life — or a little hint for your significant other!!

  1. Gus The Banana Bag: The best over-sized straw tote for Spring! I have and love this bag so much and it also makes for a great beach tote, plus you’re supporting women in Africa when you purchase i.
  2. Mama: I love this simple name plate necklace!
  3. “Mother Embrace” from Minted: This piece from Minted is so beautiful, I have it in our bathroom and I think any mama would appreciate it.
  4. Fawn Designs Diaper Bag in Bloom: Fawn Designs just released a new color and this creamy color is so pretty!!
  5. Vitner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum: Hands down the best natural beauty splurge — worth every penny and any mother in your life would appreciate this cult favorite — especially those that are pregnant and nursing.
  6. Letterpress notecards from Minted: I love all the different stationary options from Minted – these are understated but still make a statement when you send a hand written note.
  7. LAKE PJs: Luxe PJ’s are by far my favorite gift to get and give — and LAKE just released their punchy new Spring collection. The cotton is sooo soft, I promise you won’t want to take these off!
  8. Summer Water: You can’t go wrong with a bottle of rosé!! Order through WINC and try 4 bottles for just $30 PLUS free shipping with the code MAMANOTES.
  9. Mother Muse: My new favorite magazine, it’s more like a stunning coffee table book that I can’t put down.
  10. Blush Pencil Pouch: A sweet little pouch for your purse or diaper bag.
  11. Candlefish: You can’t go wrong with a beautifully scented candle — and this is my go-to brand.
  12. RMS Signature Set: Another clean beauty find that’s ideal for a pregnant or nursing mama. This set of colors is so perfect for Spring.
  13. Eye-Mask: I swear by eye-masks at night (especially when I’m traveling) but it’s hard to find pretty patterns, I love this one!
  14. Bath Salts: Let mama treat herself at home with these beautiful bath salts!




2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide!



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