2022 Back To School Finds



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Backpacks & School Gear

Pottery Barn Backpack: Piper has used this backpack for 2 years – the glitter held up surprisingly well!
Floral Print Backpack: Trying to convince Piper to use this backpack for 2nd grade. I love the metallic straps and floral print together.
Pencil Washi Tape: Adding this to my little ‘BTS basket’ I’m making for all my girls.
Whoopsie Eraser: A cute addition for a pencil case!

Pencil Case: This simple case is begging for a sparkly glitter initial and comes in many colors.
Chambray Floral Backpack: Flora picked this backpack for pre-k ! It’s adorable.
Green & White Striped Backpack: Another favorite that comes in multiple colors and would look great monogrammed.
Custom Pencils: I got these for Piper last year from Etsy. They are so fun and come in many colors!

Lunch Packing Supplies
Yeti Water Bottle: Our tried and true favorite! We have 3 now, they hold up so great, are easy to clean and never have mold issues. The price has gone down on these over the last few years.
Glitter Bento Box: One of the best selling links I’ve ever shared – these fun bento boxes come back in stock every fall and always sell out. I use them for craft supplies most of the time, but the sparkly glitter is so pretty.

Lunchbox Notes: These little sticky notes make it really easy to send a sweet message to your kids.
Silicone Bento Box Organizers: I love these little lunchbox organizers – there is also a pink heart set.
Bentgo Chill Box: I’ve been a fan of the classic Bentgo boxes for years but this one that has a built in ice pack was a game changer for us!
Lunch Money Pouch: A cute little way to transport your lunch money!
Grape Cutter: I’m excited to have my girls help pack their lunches this year – and I know they’ll be excited to use this grape cutter.

Bento Box Picks: We have quite the collection of food picks and the girls continue to get so excited about picking them out every day we pack lunches.

Small Cookie Cutters: I ordered these last year and have found so many uses for them since. I love using them to add a little fun to lunches but they are also really handy for snack platters. This set is huge and has an assortment of shapes and sizes. It also comes with food picks!

Fun Extras

Morning Caddy: I’m using this to make a morning caddy for my girls this year -stay tuned for more!

Tangle Teezer: The best way to avoid morning battles over hair brushing!

Purple Comb

Letter Patches: Use these to customize pencil cases and backpacks. See more of my favorites here.

Alphabet PJs: I got these for Flora last year and they are only $10 !

School Books – just two of our favorites! See more here.

Back To School Bracelets: A sweet gift for a Kindergarten student, or anyone nervous about heading back to school. Lots of gender neutral options in the product listing.

Wooden School Bus

Back to School



2022 Back To School Finds



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