2022 Holiday Gift Guides Are Here!



New this year! ALL of my 2022 holiday gift guides will live in this post. It will be updated multiple times a week with new guides until the end of November, so be sure to bookmark this page! You can always visit my Amazon storefront for more finds here.

*This post contains affiliate links. I earn commission when you make a purchase from one of them. Thank you for your support this holiday season!

For Your Mother-In-Law

Notoriously difficult to shop for (why is that exactly?) – this year I think I’ve finally done it and nailed an assortment of gifts your MIL will be bound to love!

Throw Blanket // Travel Case // Dish Towels // Coffee Table Book // Bread Dish // Woven Bag // Velvet Jewelry Case // Cozy PJs (comes with 2 pairs) // Clear Glass Simmer Pot // Purse Ball Cleaner // Fluffy Slippers // Steamer // Water Bottle

Gifts For 4 Year Olds

Baby Doll Bassinet // Police Car // Pastel Road Tape (Also comes in another set of colors !) // Tool Belt // Toniebox Player (My girls are obsessed with theirs! Flora listens to it every night before bed. Use code 20MAMANOTES for 20% off a starter set) // Prettiest Princess Blocks // Green Wooden Phone // Hotel With Wooden People // Cornhole for KIDS (This is genius and beautiful) // Espresso Maker // Construction Magna-Tiles // Inspired Play Bakery Kit // Wooden Mixer // AirFort (One of the most fun gifts for little ones)

2022 Big Ticket Gift Guide

Dollhouse // Ride-On Land Rover ( Finally may take the plunge on this one) // Inflatable Racing Sleds // The PRETTIEST PLAY KITCHEN TO EVER EXIST // Classic Ride On Toy // Castle Fort Tent // Race Car Sleeping Bag (Also comes in red) // Floor Surfer (This looks SO fun!!! Another contender for my kids this year) // Banwood Kids’ Scooter // Silver Roller Skates

2022 Gift Guide For 2-3 Year Olds

Basket Of Diverse Babies (This is adorable, I got it for my niece) // Wooden Tool Set // Busy Board (it comes in other colors) // Strolley Wagon (One of the most used toys in our house. We’ve had it for 2-3 years now) // Play Tent (Love the shape of this one) // Doll // Story Projector // Balance Bike (So many pretty colors) // Broom Set (How pretty are the patterns on this?!) // Reusable Felt Bandages (Our best selling new release from Magic Playbook) // Large Pink Candylab Car (The BEST wooden cars) // Car Shoot (On my short-list of gifts for Flora)

2022 Etsy Gift Guide

I love to get lost in the world of Etsy. It’s a treasure trove of handmade finds from around the world, though it can take some time to find real gems. Here are my top Etsy gift picks for 2022! You’ll notice many of these are customized so I’m sharing this gift guide first to give you time to place orders!

Wooden Dinosaurs // Custom Flat Flashlight // Colorful Handmade Crayons // Custom Tool Belt // Resin Alphabet Letter Set // Custom Rolling Pin & Spatula // Wooden Make-Up Set // Truck Piggy Bank // Truck Name Puzzle // Leather Purse // Floral Name Puzzles // Colorful Name Clips // Custom Painted Hair Brush

2022 Gift Guide For Little Ones

Soft Snowballs // Silk Ribbon Wand // Animal Sounds Board Book // Snuggle Doll In Sleep Sack // Stacking Silicone Cups // Flower Mat (great for activities or food) // Fruit Cutting Puzzle //Ball Pit (with a basket ball hoop!) Balls come separate here // Glo Pals (All 3 of my kids LOVE these) // Dino Chalk (perfect size for little hands) // Warmie Hippo (My kids are obsessed with hese Warmies! Perfect for boo-boos too) // Soft Picture Book (you add your own photos!) // Tiny Touchdown Set (I think this is the cutest thing ever) // Cookies Interactive Cookbook (These books are so fun and make the best gift)// Nugget Look-A-Like for less (Several color options)

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2022 Holiday Gift Guides Are Here!



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