3 Changes That Have Made Me Feel More Positive




This fall is on record to be my busiest yet — I try to never complain about being busy for work but now that I’m a mom it’s definietly easier to feel overwhelmed, stressed and straight up sad about not getting to spend as much time with Piper. I’ve been trying to make a few small changes in my life that make me feel more positive overall and it seems to be helping to create a sense of calm during this busy time! 

  1. Make our bed every morning. I’ve been doing this the past few months and it’s really helped me feel a sense of order in our house, even if the bathroom is going through a renovation and we have bath toys and clean laundry piled up on the floor. At least the bed is made and looks pretty every time I walk by! 
  2. Stick to night time routine. I have been trying to get into bed by 9pm and making this MY time where I can read, browse Pinterst, scroll Instagram etc. (though I try to make it reading an actual book). I have been trying to meditate before bed to help me fall asleep (using Headspace), drink chamomile lavender tea and use my Tata Harper bedtime oil. I really look forward to this relaxing routine 
  3. Prep ahead of time. This is random but it’s made a big difference – I’ve been getting my coffee ready before bed so I wake up to a fresh pot in the morning – it immediately changed my outlook on the day when I started doing this. We also started using a meal delivery service so I can easily have the meals prepped and ready for the week ahead of time. This has been a HUGE time saver during these busy months and while I’m not sure we’ll keep using them long-term they certainly have helped allow to me eat healthy, still cook and feel ready for the week ahead. 

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3 Changes That Have Made Me Feel More Positive



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