3 Meals To Feed Your Picky Toddler



3 Meals For PIcky Toddlers

When we first started Piper on solids it was rough. I had such high hopes that she’d gobble up all of the French baby food recipes I prepared with all that organic produce I splurged on. Ha! It took her a lonnnnng time to come around to mamas cooking but over time I came up with a few really easy meals to make her that she’d actually eat every time I served them. I actually still turn to these when Piper’s having a particularly picky week (like we are right now)!




Scrambled eggs with zucchini

This is still one of Piper’s favorite’s! At first I’d grate the zucchini and then saute it in a little olive oil before adding an egg and scrambling it all together. Now I just cube the zucchini and I add a little milk and cheese to the eggs along with salt and pepper. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and she really loves it. Zucchini is high in potassium, Vitamin A & Vitamin C and the egg is packed with protein. I serve this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sweet potato and ground turkey. 

Sounds pretty bland (and it probably is) but Piper is a huge fan — and I am too since it’s full of protein and vitamins and doesn’t take long to whip up. Bake or steam your sweet potato and mix it with cooked ground turkey, if your child is older have fun with spices.

Pea pancakes.

I make these about every other week and have for a very long time. I use our Beaba Babycook — I actually found the recipe in their cookbook. I make a big batch and usually freeze some and use the rest throughout the week. Peas are loaded with fiber, Vitamin C and have a surprising amount of protein. If you’re interested in the recipe leave a comment below and I’ll send it to you!

Check out our guide to making your own babyfood here and the easiest & healthiest todder muffins here.

PS – Piper’s highchair is the Stokke Steps and we LOVE it. We spent a long time looking at highchairs before deciding on this style. It’s so easy to clean and the design is so sleek that it’s far from an eyesore in our dining area.

Images by Anna Reynal




3 Meals To Feed Your Picky Toddler



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