5 Products That Have Made Breastfeeding Easier



We all know that breastfeeding is hard – it’s rewarding and incredible to be capable of feeding your baby but there’s no way around the fact that it comes with challenges. There’s a definite learning curve for you and your baby both and the first month or so is without a doubt the hardest. Today I’m sharing a few things that have made breastfeeding a little bit easier for me these first few months….

My Brestfriend Pillow: I’ve since stopped nursing with this but the Brestfriend Pillow was so great for the first month. I love that it has an adjustable strap so you can get it at the right height and adjust your tiny little baby to the right nursing position. I highly suggest trying this pillow and wish I had used it with my first daughter.

Phillips Avent Hand Pump: After realizing my old Medela hand pump no longer worked, I purchased this on Amazon NOW (2 hour delivery) before heading out to dinner one night because it came highly recommended. I really wish I had discovered it sooner because it’s amazing! It works so well and is so easy to clean that I often find myself using it at home too. At the time of publishing it was sold out at nearly every retailer I checked for some reason (???) but hopefully it’s stocked again soon.

The First Years Milk Storage: A reader tipped me off to this milk storage organizer (after seeing how my milk stash looked!). Again – I so wish we had used this when I was nursing Piper because it saves an incredible amount of space in the freezer!

Laniosh Milk Storage Bags: I love these bags because you can pump directly into them which is such a time saer

Cake Maternity Nursing Bras: I have about 8 nursing bras in my drawer that I’ve been sent to test or purchased myself and hands down my two very favorites are from Cake Maternity. I love the Cotton Candy Bra and the Rock Candy Bra. Both are wire-free, incredibly soft and breathable and offer great support.


-Support online (The Mama Notes FB Community is a great spot + I’m also a member of a breastfeeding support group through our hospital and I love Milk Source and Lactation Link)
-Meeting with a lactation consultant at the hospital before we were discharged was invaluable. She provided me so many tips and advice and really set us up for breastfeeding success.
-The Sprout app for tracking our feedings + bottles

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5 Products That Have Made Breastfeeding Easier



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