6 Apps Every New Parent Should Know About




When I was pregnant with Piper I never thought about using apps to help our transition into becoming parents — but we quickly learned there were a plethora of options available with everything from sleep to breastfeeding. It took some trial and error until we discovered a few tried and true favorites! Here are a few favorites that every new parent should download and utilize!


SPROUT: Sprout has an app for fertility tracking, pregnancy and babies. I use it daily to track feedings, sleep and in the early days diaper changes. It can sync to multiple devices (we have it on our phones and iPad) and is super comprehensive and user friendly. I honestly don’t know how I’d survive with out it!

WONDER WEEKS: This is a great app that tracks your baby’s development through ‘leaps’. It’s based off of a popular book. It educates you on the changes your baby is going through and alerts you to when they may be more fussy. I found this super helpful in the first few months with Piper, if she was ever fussy and we couldn’t figure out why — we’d check the app and most likely she’d be going through a ‘leap’. I also loved to track what was happening in her little brain!

PUMPSPOTTING: My in-the-know girlfriend clued me into this incredible app. Self described as “Facebook meets Yelp meets boob” — Pumpspotting allows you to find and share places to pump and connect with other breastfeeding mamas.

BABYMONITOR 3G: Turn your phones + iPad into a baby monitor with this handy app. We use it when we are traveling and it’s worked great!

BABY SLEEP SOUNDS: This app has every sound imaginable from white noise to hair dryer, instruments, lullabies, rain and so many more. You can set it on a timer, record your own ‘shussssher’ sound and play on a loop.

PEANUT: Think Tinder for making mom friends… I just joined and can’t wait to meet more like minded mamas in my neighborhood!


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6 Apps Every New Parent Should Know About



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