5 Super Successful Mamas Share How They Practice Self-Care

March 22, 2018

I’m always so impressed to hear how successful women fit in time for themselves in their busy schedules, it looks different for everyone but it’s so important to carve out that me-time. Maybe it means you get a Saturday morning yoga class in or simply give yourself a manicure during nap time, finding the time to focus on YOU is so important. Today I asked 6 women I admire how they attempt to fit in self-care to their routines and I love the responses.

Morgan Smith, founder of Minnow Swim

“We could all probably use a little more, but right now it’s a spin class and girlfriends! After I had my second baby, it felt like I had zero extra time while starting a business with two young kids to exercise. But with the new combination of work and a second baby I also felt an anxiousness I had never felt before. One day I just said, I need this for my kids and the business. So I get up early before everyone is awake and go spin. It changes my entire day, a natural stress reliever. 

And then a night out (Or even better, a weekender) with girlfriends, does great things! Just talking, laughing, no one needing anything from you. Repairs the soul.”  — Morgan Smith, founder of Minnow Swim

Kate Bennet, CNN White House Reporter

“I subscribe to the theory I’m a woman who happens to be a mom, not a mom who happens to be a woman — so I’m pretty diligent about taking time for myself. I’m obsessed with Solidcore, I try to go three times a week but I don’t beat myself up if it’s only twice. I get regular manicures because my nail inspiration is Kylie Jenner and that takes some upkeep! I always splurge for extra shoulder or foot massage — Georgetown Nails is the best. Also, I sleep. A lot. I’m a solid napper and have no problem closing my bedroom door and getting sleep if I didn’t get enough the night before.” — Kate Bennet, CNN White House Reporter

Connie Wong, founder of Moderne Press PR Agency

“Self-care is something I’m working on and trying to get better at! In the past year, I’ve been committed to carving out time in my schedule and take a yoga class twice a week during my lunch break. Beyond the exercise, I find that it’s a good time for me to be device-free and reflect on how I’m feeling, what areas of my life I can be more kind and patient, etc.

 I’m also very lucky that I live very close to my office, so I relish my daily walk to-and-from work (vs. driving). It’s an opportunity to take in fresh air and have a few quiet moments to myself.” — Connie Wong, founder of Moderne Press PR 

Wendy Rabin, founder of Wrabyn

“As a mom, it’s natural for me to put my son’s needs first – and I’m totally ok with him being my priority! But what I have learned is that I can’t always be last on the list. As a small business owner, finding large blocks of time for myself is almost impossible. So recently, I decided to steal Monday mornings for “me time.” After I drop my son off at school, I head home and take a walk to clear my head. Then, I take a long shower and take my time to get ready for the day – often while listening to a podcast and sipping a cup of coffee. It sounds simple, but these few hours to myself on Monday mornings feel indulgent and restorative. ” –Wendy Rabin, founder of Wrabyn 


Morgan Hutchinson, founder of Buru

“My favorite thing about this email is the ??? after Self-care. This is honestly how I feel about Self-care in this phase of life.  My brain fully appreciates its importance, but I’m struggling to find time to do the things that I read other women are doing to take care of themselves. To avoid the “comparison game”, I’ve had to write my own rules for what self-care actually means. Weekly massages and monthly facials are not my reality right now—an at-home, over the counter face peel before bed once or twice a week is more my jam. Carving out time for date nights with my husband is also a way that I take care of myself and our relationship. My self-care may not look like Gwyneth Paltrow’s, but that is okay. To me, self-care is about centering yourself and being happy in the moment. Though I am constantly working to better myself, I believe in doing it my way. To any other mamas, struggling to find time, start with 5 minutes. At this moment, I don’t have time for a Pilates class post school drop-off, but I do have 5 minutes to pour a cup of tea and calmly prepare for my day.” — Morgan Hutchinson, founder of Buru

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  1. Lauren

    March 23rd, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    Love this post! It’s so great to hear how other working women balance (or try to balance) everything, including time for ourselves.