6 Ways To Combat Morning Sickness

How To Fight Morning Sickness

When I was pregnant with Piper I was pretty lucky in the morning sickness department — only suffering from nausea for a few weeks but I know so many women suffer from morning sickness & I thought I’d share a few things that can help… 

Tea. I’m a fan of drinking tea for medicinal purposes, I’m not sure that it always works but Earth Mama Angel Baby always helped when my stomach wasn’t settled thanks to the ginger and mint it contains. 

Peppermint & ginger. Speaking of…. popping a mint or ginger candy can help when you’re out and about and get hit with a bout of morning sickness — which doesn’t always happen during the morning! I love Trader Joe’s crystalized ginger candy. 

Saltines. I kept saltines in my car, purse and bedside — never to be left stranded! Just knowing I had them on hand made me feel better. 

Eat frequent, small meals. An empty stomach only makes queasiness worse, so being sure to eat frequent little meals throughout the day (or plenty of snacks) to keep something in your stomach can help. 

Avoid drinking water with your meal. Instead drink before or after your meal, so your stomach has the opportunity to fill up with food, not fluids. 

Sea Bands. Some women swear by Sea Bands which help with motion sickness – I’ve not tried them but if I was desperate I would! 

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6 Ways To Fight Morning Sickness




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