8 Natural Remedies To Prevent Heartburn During Pregnancy



I’ve suffered from pretty bad heartburn this pregnancy, I had it with Piper too but I don’t remember it starting until at least my 3rd trimeter. This time it started super early! It’s worse at night (practically every time I roll over) but flares up at least one or two times a day too. I’ve been trying to avoid taking OTC medication aside from Tums and have found a few things that help….

Limit liquid before bed: This is hard because I really like to drink tea in the evening but I’ve found that it helps considerably.

Don’t eat in the evening: I read somewhere that it’s ideal to stop eating 3 hours before bed, which just won’t happen with our schedule. I try to have my dinner ( and ice cream) done by 8pm if I can, since I usually go to sleep around 10.

Sit up right after eating: Try to stand or sit up straight after you eat, don’t lounge in bed or lay down to read!

Avoid spicy and acidic food: Pretty straightforward, don’t go for the pizza unless you’re ok with the side effects!

Eat slow + don’t drink with your meal: I’ve found this to really help me during the day. I drink a ton of water throughout the day but don’t drink with meals. I’ve also found I need to drink slowly. I get horrible heartburn if I chug a bottle of water! Many also recommend eating smaller meals throughout the day.

Peppermint drops: I have found these drops to really help, I keep them in my purse and the kitchen and pop one in if I feel the burning sensation starting, it usually relieves it pretty well!

Elevate your upper body at night: They make a wedge pillow for this, but I haven’t splurged yet. Instead I stick a big pillow under my body pillow vertically, then put my regular pillow on top of my body pillow, so essentially I have 3 layers.

Apple Cider Vinegar: It may seem funny to drink acidic vinegar to combat heartburn but many claim that it works, it’s thought to help balance the pH levels in your stomach by neutralizing stomach acid. I’ve tried it a few times and will say my heartburn didn’t flare up on the days I drank ACV. Be sure to use pasteurized ACV when you’re pregnant.

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8 Natural Remedies To Prevent Heartburn During Pregnancy



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