8 Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now



8 Awesome Podcasts For Parents

I’ve been on a Podcast streak ever since the Serial craze began, though I seem to be listening to them more than ever these days…. in the shower or getting ready and while I’m driving or cleaning. Today I thought I’d share a few of the parenting and motherhood podcasts that I’ve been enjoying along with a few others! I really like listening to interviews with interesting and inspiring people. 

The Longest Shortest Time: This podcast tackles all aspects of parenthood through conversations and interviews with different people, it’s really interesting and always different and I really enjoy the host, Hillary Frank. 

Coffee & Crumbs: Coffee & Crumbs started as a blog and has evolved to include a podcast in which the hosts interview different subjects on motherhood and parenting topics. I really liked the episode on making mom friends

First Day Back: I just started listening to this podcasts which chronicles one mom’s journey back to work after taking a 6 year maternity leave. 

Monocyle & Oh Boy by Man Repeller: Both of these shows are produced by Leandra Medine of the Man Repeller blog but very different. Monocycle is a personal podcast and the episodes are short–  it features Leandra talking about different topics –ranging to anything from her struggles with infertility to talking yourself out of an anxiety attack. Oh Boy by Man Repeller is hosted by Jay Buim who sits down and has conversations with cool women from all different industries. 

Pardon My French By Garance Doré: I love artist, photographer and blogger Garance Doré’s work so it’s not surprise that her podcast is equally as inspiring. She covers different topics — answering reader questions on everything from summer travel plans to exercising, moving to New York and interviewing different creatives. 

The Lively Show: I’ve been listening to this podcast for a long time, I go through phases of listening to back-to-back episodes and then not listening for a while! 

She Did It Her Way: This podcasts highlights female entrepreneurs covering a wide range of business topics  — not all of the episodes are relevant to me but I’ve really enjoyed the handful I’ve listened to. 

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8 Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now



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