A Big Gift Guide For Kids



A Huge Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

We’ve covered toddlers and babies…and now onto the bigger kids. This one was fun to put together and I hope you enjoy it!

  1. Sleeping bag (ON SALE for $11.99 today): The cutest sleeping bags that fold into a pillow and comes in a bunch of patterns, but the pizza slices are my favorite.
  2. Rylee & Cru Tee ($39): Such a sweet message.
  3. Gaia Purse ($44): These beautiful handmade purses by refugee women who have been resettled  in Texas are so adorable.
  4. Just Being Audrey ($16.99): As an Audrey lover myself, I can’t wait to add this book to Piper’s collection.
  5. Pentel Markers ($11.74): I grew up using this huge collection of  36markers – it’s so fun and will last your kid for years. I actually STILL have some from my original set!!
  6. Jess Brown Doll  ($150): An investment, yes but worth it. Piper has one and its so beautifully made.
  7. Glitter Slippers ($29.50): I wish these came in my size!
  8. Build Your Own Castle Kit ($150): Again, a splurge but how beautiful is this castle set!
  9. Animals ($22): Such fun illustrations! screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-11-08-21-am
  10. Framed Moon Print ($22.39): I was so surprised to find this moon print at Target!
  11. TeePee ($225): Be prepared to be overwhelmed! Minted launched a collection of teepees AND they are customizable!
  12. Wooden Tool Set ($39): A nice alternative to the plastic sets you see around – can’t wait to get this for Piper when she’s a little older.
  13. Glow -In-The-Dark Bracelet ($16.50): Fun stocking stuffer!
  14. Cape Towel ($15.49): This towel guarantees to make bath time more fun!
  15. Giant Wooden Dice ($12.99): Another good idea for a stocking or gift exchange.
  16. Monster Fuzzy Key Chain ($12.50): Attach this monster to a present instead of a bow!
  17. Wild Parks Coloring Book ($16): Let your child learn about 20 National Parks while coloring!
  18. Glitter Initial Patch ($9): Let the DIYs begin!
  19. Colored Pencils ($14): Love the polka dot design on these colored pencils.
  20. Retro Jacks ($12.99): Don’t forget about classic games for your kids!

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A Big Gift Guide For Kids



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