A Birth Doula Shares Her Hospital Bag Packing List

October 11, 2017

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for me to start packing my hospital bag, I was so excited to do this with my first pregnancy that I’m pretty sure I already had it done by now! I actually packed 3 bags – I’ll share more on what’s going in my bags this time in the coming weeks but in the meantime I wanted to ask an expert for her tips — enter Erica Chidi Cohen,  a birth doula who has helped hundreds of women give birth. Erica answered all of my pregnancy questions here and I’m currently reading her new book on pregnancy, labor and early motherhood that I suggest for all mamas-to-be!

Erica’s Hospital Bag List

Less is more — hospitals are not the cleanest environments, just bring the essentials. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

For You

A Totem — something that helps you feel grounded ( a crystal, a picture you love )

Snacks and drinks (coco- nut water, bananas, bars, fruit) 

Lip balm 

Socks with traction grip 

Hair bands 

Birth ball 

Towel (hospital towels tend to be thin; a cozy towel from home might make you feel at ease) 

Aromatherapy diffuser and chosen essential oils and massage oils 

Electric candles (soften the ambience) 

Disposable underwear 

Toilet paper (they usually have 1-ply, so if you want something softer, bring it) 

Personal toiletries (face wash, lotion, moisturizer, makeup basics) 

Nightgown/PJs (with easy chest access) 


Nursing bra and nursing pads 

Nipple cream, breast shells if needed 

For Baby and the Return Home 

Footed, kimono-style onesies (2) 

Hats (2) 

Socks (2) 

Mittens (2) 

6 to 10 diapers (if you have a brand prefe- rence, otherwise the hospital will provide) 

Receiving/swaddling blankets (2) 



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