A New Kind Of Wine Club



A few months ago I started wine chats on Wednesday nights on my personal Instagram account (@CaitlinKruse) and have decided to bring it back — if you have any questions (motherhood, career, anything) send them my way via direct message on Instagram and I’ll be answering them all — with a glass of wine.

If you know me (or follow me) you know I love wine. It runs in my veins really, so it’s not my fault. My grandparents lived in the Napa Valley and made wine and I grew up with it. Piper can even say “wine” (and I swear we didn’t teach her)! We’ve yet to join a wine club — that was until I discovered Winc. They sent me a box to check out and I’ve already signed up for monthly shipments, I was that impressed. Its unlike any other wine club I’ve looked into…..and here is why.

  • It’s affordable. All of the other wine clubs I’ve checked out seem really stuffy and expensive. We enjoy wine but I don’t want to spend over $20 on a bottle unless it’s a special occasion ( I drink a lot of wine and that would add up quickly). Winc wines average around $13.
  • Winc is hip & modern. You take an online “Palate Profile” to determine your taste preference and based on this (and your ratings from previous shipments) Winc suggests 4 bottles/month. You can easily change the selections by browsing what’s available on their website. You can also use your account to skip a shipment and select your ideal delivery date.
  • The wine is good. They make it all and therefore have more control over what goes into their shipments.
  • I like the labels & branding. I know this sounds silly, but I find myself picking wine out randomly from the liquor store based on the label alone all the time and so I enjoy the fact that their delicious wines also have fun labels! It helps that they collaborate with designers (like Bri from Design Love Fest) to make them!

In our first shipment I preferred both of the reds  — but can easily see myself sipping the Wonderful white blend in the summer sun. Our favorite was the Meraki which is a Cab from Lodi, CA . I love blends (both red and white) and Winc has a lot to offer — which is fun.

If you like wine and want to try out Winc you can use the code MAMANOTES to get a month (4 bottles) for $30 + complimentary shipping !! (That’s a $22 discount)




A New Kind Of Wine Club



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