A Post For Grammy




This is a post I really dreaded writing all weekend. Last week, before the blizzard hit Annapolis I lost my beautiful Grammy. The storm came at a perfect time and allowed me to be at home to mourn for several days, holding my family close. My grandmother was an avid reader – and a reader of my blog so I only thought it appropriate to write a post for her. My fondest memories in life, are of spending time in California with my grandparents. I feel so fortunate and grateful that Austin and I were able to take Piper out to meet Grammy in November. I’m so, so glad we booked that trip before Piper was even born. Grammy loved seeing photos of Piper and it was so special that she was able to hold her and see her in real life! Piper was so very good for Grammy, sitting in her arms quietly, looking up at her and smiling. To see the look on my grandmother’s face when Piper smiled at her was the best. I’m so glad I have these memories and have been thinking of them over and over the past few days. I’m also so grateful that Piper has been able to bring a smile to my mom’s face during this time. She has no idea the healing power her little soul has. 

Grammy was  fiercely independent — living alone at 94! She was kind, gentle and funny. She loved watching The Bachelor and shopping on QVC. She always set formal tables, and I think my love of creating tablescapes comes from her. She was a nurse during WWII and we could always count on her medical advice for any ailment we may have — she also directed us in giving Piper her first bath, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give Piper a bath without thinking of her. Living in the Napa Valley, she loved wine and had a special “blend” that I’m pretty sure we’ll need to start keeping on hand to drink in her honor. Grammy taught me the art of letter writing and we corresponded my whole life through cross-country letters. I hope to pass this on to Piper. She also loved photos – looking through the photo albums at her house was something I looked forward to doing each summer. When Piper was born she sent my the baby album she made for me. The past few days I’ve worked on printing pictures of Piper in hopes I can create a similar set of photo albums for our family. She told me to buy a set of albums now, so they’ll all match and I can fill them over time. 

Life won’t quite ever be the same without Grammy but I feel so lucky to have spent the days I did with her. 




A Post For Grammy



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