A Postpartum & Baby Nurse Answers Your Questions



Today I’m excited to have my friend Karrie here to answer some reader submitted postpartum questions! Karrie is a Postpartum & Baby Nurse and has a great Instagram account full of valuable information for new mamas. You can check out her website here and follow her on Instagram here!

For more on postpartum check out this section of The Mama Notes!

Best breast feeding resources for a first time mom?

  • Your hospital’s LC, your nurses in the hospital, my Instagram highlights @karrie_locher ! 

Best online breastfeeding courses?

  • Medela offers a ton of online videos/courses 
  • Many hospitals are also offering classes online too

How to best drop a nipple shield (baby is 1 weeks)

  • slowly start trying to take it away during feeds. Let baby initially latch with the shield & get milk flowing, then swiftly unlatch them & take it off when milk is flowing. They may accept it, they may not. Be consistent about trying this to see how they do. Once they start accepting it at this point, you can start offering every other feeding or so without the sheild from the start. Again, sometimes they’ll accept this and sometimes they won’t. Some babies do great weaning, and sometimes it’s a process! As long as baby is gaining weight well, it’s okay. Don’t ever *force* them to try to nurse without it!

Tips for managing fast milk flow/let down with a newborn?

Reclined nursing: lean back while nursing so baby is almost on top of you. This way, gravity isn’t encouraging that fast flow and baby can control it better. If this doesn’t work, you could have baby initiate letdown, then unlatch baby while milk sprays, then latch baby back on when milk flow slows a bit. 

Does exercising in postpartum after you’re cleared around 6wk really impact your milk production? 

-Extensive research has shown that exercise does not have an effect on milk supply. Some babies don’t like the salt on mom’s skin from sweat, so if you’re nursing be sure to shower after exercising before the next feeding! 

What are your favorite breast pumps?

-I love the medela PISA! It’s easily controlled and a quick learn. The willow pump is also incredible for us mamas of multiples that need to be hands free! 

Postpartum dehydration!! Happened to me last time even though I drank “tons” of water! 

  • Postpartum dehydration typically occurs as the body tries to rid of excess water/fluid that isn’t needed anymore. Fluid can be lost through night sweats & urine. You actually don’t need to force water! Try a drink with electrolytes like Gatorade & drink water to thirst. Thirst is the body’s way of telling you you need to take a drink! 

How best to manage postpartum anxiety after giving birth 

  • Have a solid support system in place! Whether that be family, friends, your doctor & nurses, or a mom’s support group.  You need, really *need* someone to talk to. Also doing things for yourself. Have your significant other take baby into another room for an hour or two every day— use this as their bonding time & dedicate this time to whatever YOU want to do (run an errand, go on a walk, give yourself a mani/pedi, light a candle and do a face mask— whatever fills YOUR cup! If you feel anxiety is getting to a constant or unmanageable point, you can discuss medications with your doctor. 

3 postpartum necessities every mom should have?

The hospital should provide you with extra pads, underwear, a peri bottle, and tucks/spray to go home with— so don’t go nuts buying tons of that! 

  • All purpose nipple ointment (it’s an RX from your doc!)
  • Postpartum underwear 
  • High waisted leggings & button down jammies (you LIVE in these!) 




A Postpartum & Baby Nurse Answers Your Questions



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