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willow breast pump

I’m so excited to share a review of the Willow Wearable Breast Pump today! Since I posted about testing it out a few months ago I’ve received so many questions and I’m really eager to share my thoughts about this groundbreaking pump! Willow has sponsored this post but as always all opinions are my own.

willow breast pump


PRODUCT:Willow Wearable Breast Pump

COST: $479.99

willow breast pump



What makes Willow different? Well – I think quite a bit! It’s the first and only all-in-one mobile breast pump that fits in a nursing bra.

willow breast pump


-This is an all-in-one breast pump. Everything you need to pump (including the bag to collect milk) is inside of the pump. And the pump fits in your nursing bra. This means you don’t need to put on a special bra, or take off your shirt to pump!

-The pump is mobile. You can walk around while you pump and not be connected to a power source!

-Willow is high-tech. It’s a smart device that’s connected to an iPhone app that can show you battery life, suction level, and how much milk has been expressed. You can also look at your pumping history and access training videos and tutorials from the app.

-It’s simple and easy to clean and setup to use – there are only 3 parts.

willow breast pump


First of all, I love the mission of this company, who is aiming to help today’s MODERN mother. The woman who is trying to juggle work and motherhood, who has a busy, active lifestyle and who may cringe at the traditional thought of pumping. Willow is changing that by providing women with the equipment that makes a time consuming task like pumping more manageable.

There is a learning curve with the Willow pump, which is to be expected, because it’s an entirely new breast pump unlike any other pumps you’ve used! It took me a good week to really get adjusted to how the pump works but I have to say the Willow support team is incredible! They offer 1:1 coaching, which is included in the cost of the pump and set up a call after you’ve used the pump a few times. From there you can text your coach whenever you have a question which I took advantage of.

Right now I pump every morning – so I love being able to pump while I get ready for the day or make coffee instead of just being stuck on the couch. It also comes in handy when I have to pump when I’m outside the home and it was incredible to use at my recent wedding when I was setting up floral installations. Prior I’d have to add breaks to pump into our set-up schedule and find a room to go pump in which isn’t exactly what you want to be doing while rushing to set up for a wedding!  It does fit right inside your bra and it’s pretty discreet but you will be able to notice you’re wearing a pump (or have something in your bra- ha) if you’re wearing a fitted shirt! If you have a long commute, like riding the train or carpooling with a coworker, I can see Willow coming in really handy.

I love, love, love the convenience of not having a ton of parts to clean with Willow. That’s one of the parts I dislike the most about pumping. You can use a bottle sterilizer or put the Flange and Flextube in the dishwasher. Less parts = easier to set up and start pumping. You really only have to connect the flange, Milk Bag and Flextube, stick it in your bra, get the alignment between your breast and the pump, and swipe open the app to pump.

Tip – I try to remember to charge the pumps at the end of every day. A fully charged Willow will work for approximately five pumping sessions (although it varies based on the amount of time you pump each session). Once you’ve plugged Willow in to charge, it takes about two hours to fully charge. If you can’t charge Willow for the full two hours, a 20-minute charge will last for approximately one pumping session.

And most importantly, how well does Willow work? I found it to be just as efficient as my other traditional pump. I spend the same amount of time pumping (usually around 8 minutes total — I have fast letdown) and its much more quiet.

All an in all, I’d highly recommend this pump to a mom with a busy lifestyle and or demanding job. In many senses I find this pump offers you FREEDOM that others don’t. While you still may be obligated to pump while you’re at work, or away from home, Willow makes it easier and less stressful for you.

willow breast pump


Thank you Willow for sponsoring this post! 

Images by Lauren Swann


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A Review Of The Willow Breast Pump


  1. Natasha says:

    What did you think about using the bags? I often pump more than 4oz per side and can’t imagine having to stop to replace each bag mid pump? And they are so expensive!

    • admin says:

      I can see how that would be annoying! I never pump more than 3-4oz per side so it wasn’t an issue to me. But changing the bags is easy, so overall I still think it would be worth it if you need to pump on the go or out of the home for work!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Thank you kindly for your thorough review! Does the pump packaging or manual say exactly what the strength is of the pump? For example, the Spectra S1 goes up to “280 mmhg”.

  3. Elena says:

    Have you ever written a bad review for a sponsored post?

  4. Katie says:

    Do you think this pump will work for a larger chested mommy?

  5. Ely says:

    Hello I’m thinking about getting this pump. I exclusively nurse and pump and I have a crazy schedule at work. I also have a 4 year old at home. Do you find that you can pump the about the same amount with this pump? Is it strong enough?
    I’m pumping about 3-4oz on one side and only 2oz on the other but my let down with pump is super slow so I’m pumping for a good 20-30min. I need to pump more because my son eats everything I pump and I have no reserve. I thought this pump will help me make up for times that I’m doing stuff around the house and I can be pumping.

  6. Sabrina Mitchell says:

    What nursing bras work best? I’m having trouble finding a bar that supports them.

  7. Christina Burr says:

    why does willow say replace flange and flextube every 3 months? If dishwasher safe shouldn’t be clean and fine to use

  8. Anna says:

    I am a teacher. Is it quiet enough to pump while giving a lesson? When I return to school, ( past pregnancies) my supply would always goes down because it’s hard to find time to go pump in a different area away from my students.

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