Activities For 4-8 Month Old Babies



Activities For 5-8 Month Old Babies

Ever since Piper was born I’ve been obsessed that we aren’t doing enough for her — giving her the right toys, creating a stimulating environment for her to thrive in and having activities that are age appropriate and both challenging and fun for her. I’ve learned to relax a little about this but am constantly searching for new ideas in how to play with her — it’s pretty tough the first 4 months since they can’t do all that much but now Piper’s so engaged it’s become much more entertaining for us all. Below are some of our favorite activities — we started many of these as early as 4 months! 

Board Books: Piper loves to flip the pages of books, especially the thin spiral bound Pat The Bunny & Pat The Puppy because she can easily maneuver them. When she was smaller she loved to look at black & white books – we started as soon as she came home! A few favorites: Black & White , Look Look, White On Black.  

Mirror Play: We were at the doctor when we discovered just how much Piper loves to look at her reflection! I’ve been on the hunt for a kid friendly, stable mirror that can lay on the floor —this one looks great for when babies are smaller and doing tummy time. For now we use our full length mirror and supervise very carefully so there’s no risk of Piper hurting herself. 

Scarves: Piper loves playing with her scarves! I ordered these on Amazon — which we first discovered at her library class. We have so much fun with them and I know we will for months to come! 

Musical Instruments: Piper’s favorite toy by far right now is her mini piano, she “plays” on it nearly every day and she also loves to shake her maracas! Basically… anything that makes noise she’s a fan of! 

Bubbles: Piper loves the bubbles they blow during her music class and I’m thinking of picking up some to have and use out on the porch now that its warm! 

Dancing: The easiest way to cheer Piper up? Put on “Happy” and dance! Gets her every time. We listen to a lot of the ‘Raffi Kids’ station on Pandora in our house. 

Swinging: Now that she can sit up on her own, Piper can swing at the park and has such fun in the bucket swings! 

Cars: Piper first played with these cars at the library and loved them, so my mom put some in her Easter basket. I really like them because they are soft and a great size for her to grab, push and chew on! 

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Images by Anna Reynal 

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Activities For 4-8 Month Old Babies



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