ALDI Finds Road Trip Snack Ideas



This post is sponsored by ALDI. 

Today, I’m excited to kick off a yearlong partnership with one of my favorite grocers, ALDI ! I’ve been shopping at ALDI since we moved into our current home nearly 5 years ago now and I’ve always loved that there are new products to discover with every visit. Browsing the ALDI Finds aisle is one of my favorite parts of the shopping experience and I always cruise down it first when I get there! Every week in the ALDI Finds aisle you will find large selection of fun and seasonal finds, from home goods to, snacks, wine and more! Usually on Wednesday new items are put out!  It’s hard to believe that spring break is just a month away for us and I know many of you may be hitting the road like we are to get out of town safely. I put together some of my go-to snack ideas for traveling with kiddos into an organized snack basket – and everything included is an affordable product from the ALDI Finds aisle. Hopefully this inspires some happy snacking on your next road trip! 

I put all of the snacks for the kids, my husband & I along with hand wipes and disposable masks all into a basket that stays up front with me. 

First up: the elusive SNACK BOX! I started using this system a few years ago and it has worked wonders for road (and plane) trips. It diminishes the “can I have a snack” request every 5 minutes and presents snacks in a fun way! I reserve using the snack box for travel so it’s special and different! I gathered an assortment of small snacks from the ALDI Finds aisle for this box. My kids love the Simply Nature Cauliflower Crackers which are vegan, non-gmo and gluten free. I also included the Simply Nature Chocolate Chip Soft Baked Mini Cookies which are also vegan, organic and dairy free! They come individually packaged and are so good!  And I couldn’t leave out the Simply Nature Organic White Cheddar Popcorn which is so addictive. I also like to add in some fresh fruit. I like to mix salty with sweet and add in fruit and cheese, too! 

I also added a little box of pre-packaged of organic fruit snacks and vegan chocolate chip cookies if we need something grab & go for rest areas. 

For mom & dad, I put together these simple sweet & savory snack stacks! These are an easy way to consolidate your snacks, so you don’t have a ton of snack bags in the car. And they allow you to mix a bunch of flavors together for easy snacking. The snack towers have my very favorite Enlightened brand Bada bean Bada Boom crunch broad beans mixed in, that I found in the ALDI Finds aisle- they are soooo good! 

You can always see what the latest ALDI Finds are on their website here and I like to preview what’s coming up by clicking here. Flora and I have been heading to ALDI on Wednesday mornings to check out the new finds in store! Be sure to tag me if you try making a snack basket for your next road trip! 




ALDI Finds Road Trip Snack Ideas



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