All The Tips For Managing The STOMACH BUG!!

October 23, 2018

If you follow me on Instagram you know we got hit hard with the stomach bug for the first time at the end of last week. We are finally in the clear but boy was it rough! I truly understand now when people say it’s the worst ever to care for a sick child when you yourself are sick – I was STRUGGLING! I asked on Instagram for all your tips on how to manage the stomach bug and by popular request I’ve rounded them all up today!

Of course my mom and I did some Googling and I found both of these posts here and here on the stomach bug to be very informative and helpful, they made me feel better about the violent every 15 minute vomiting. I also called our on-call nurse line for re-assurance!

Ginger or Mint tea with lemon and honey.

Pedialyte – for both your kids and yourself. Start with very small increments (we started with 5mL every 10 minutes). Many people also suggested Pedialyte pops!

Coconut water to hydrate.

Bone broth.

BRAT diet at first!

Stay in the same area when sick instead of spreading germs all over the house.

Daily bathroom clean until everyone is recovered.

Steam clean the carpet if vomited on.

Tons of hand washing!

Sterilize commonly touched areas (door knobs, remotes, light switches) daily.

Many said that bleach is the only cleaner that works for the stomach bug.

Wash sheets as soon as you begin to feel better.

Lots suggested activated charcoal

Don’t FORCE food. Wait until you are ready.

Remove everything you can from the bed, lovies, extra pillows and blankets etc.

Essential oils – Purification for the air, Peppermint to inhale, Digize for adults and Tummygize for kids.


*AS ALWAYS – The Mama Notes is not a medical professional Please consult your doctor if your child is sick! 



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