Art Project Ideas For Kids 1 & Under



As a new mom I was eagerly waiting the age when Piper would be excited to do art projects with me — I’m a creative after all and have always loved ‘arts & crafts’! I’ll admit she still doesn’t have the attention span for much — but I thought I’d share a few ideas.

Paint with water

Piper still enjoys using a paintbrush with water on construction paper, and you can re-use it once it dries!

Finger paint with natural paints

Piper still doesn’t love to get dirty so she prefers to use a paintbrush. Here’s a good recipe for edible paints.

Glue & water tissue paper

Simply dilute glue with water and paint it on a paper plate or construction paper and let your child rip up tissue paper to glue down. We made some fun projects around the holidays doing this! Piper likes to paint the glue now too.

No mess painting

I really want to try this mess free painting method which uses a plastic bag, I think Piper would really like it.



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Art Project Ideas For Kids 1 & Under



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