Back To School Fun

August 28, 2020

Back to school season is in full swing and regardless of if you’re going in person or online you are likely creating a school or homework area in your house! I created a little learning nook for Piper and had fun looking for some new desk accessories and school supplies to jazzzzz it up a bit! Here are my finds!

  1. Utility Cart
  2. Replay Cups
  3. Is It Recess Yet
  4. Ooly Pearlescent Watercolors
  5. Wipe Off Calendar
  6. Craft Storage Caddy
  7. Glitter Bento Box
  8. Desk Organizers
  9. Gold Scissors
  10. Washi Tape
  11. Sticky Note Set
  12. Floral Pencil Case
  13. Rainbow Rulers
  14. Gold Crayons
  15. Dot Markers



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