Best Things YOU Have Bought On Amazon Lately

February 25, 2020

I share my personal favorites from Amazon all the time (most recently here) but what I love reading the most is what random other stuff moms are loving from the site! I recently polled the Mama Notes Facebook community (join here) and asked on Instagram and I’m sharing a BUNCH of great finds below!! Have fun :)

*This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases, with no extra cost to you.

Squeaky Snacker – “Reusable baby food pouch with a valve is a LIFE SAVER!”

Amazon Essentials Lightweight Crewneck Sweater – “It’s is awesome! Comes in a bunch of colors! “

Donpapa Memory Foam House Slippers – “Ugg dupe but even better than my Uggs!” (the brand the reader purchased are sold out but these look identical)!

W&P Ceramic Porter Mug In Blush – “So stinkin’ cute!” Annnd this went to my immediate wish list!!!

Mushie Silicone Bibs: I am personally excited to try this new baby brand with baby #3!! A lot of their products are on my wish list.

Car Seat Portable Sound Machine : Again wondering why I didn’t have this with either of my babies! My parents actually have one at their house but I never thought to use it on the stroller or car seat!

Deeka Hair Bows : 20 bows in every color for $12.48!

Boboking Brand Kids undies: So many fun prints & patterns.

Milk Frother: 6k reviews and $11, need I say more??? Another reader commented “This little guy is amazing, I use it everyday! Best $11 I’ve ever spent! :)”

Multi Colored Counting Bears: These have been on my wish list for a while!

Nummy Glass Food Containers– “Safe, environmentally friendly and chic!”

Reusable Vegetable Crisper: “We just tried it this week and are SO impressed with it so far!”

Bumpkins Reusable Snack Bags: “Just got these for my son to use at school!”

Toilet Cover: “Our pediatrician recommended this because our son is afraid of using the ‘scary’ public toilet.” (A second reader chimed in that they also love this seat)

Salux Bath Towel: “The Salux! Everyone needs one.”

Finishing Hair Cream: “This hair finishing stick to keep my post-partum baby hairs down!”

Fire Safety Blankets: “We got these fire blankets to keep in bedroom closets, in the kitchen, and next to our BBQ. My husband is a cop (and was a volunteer fireman) and recently went to a fire safety class where they demonstrated these. He came home and we got them immediately.”

FridaMom C-Section Disposable High-Waist Underwear: “I realize it’s a bit specific but these are amazing! I thought they might be gimicky or over-hyped but I’ve been having a really hard time finding comfortable underwear post c-section. Due to some crazy complications I had to have a vertical incision (OUCH btw) but these are a total lifesaver.”



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  1. Kadie says:

    Have my eyes on the bows, undies, counting bears, and reusable snack bags. Great recommendations!