Grapefruit Basil Margarita



grapefruit basil margarita recipe
Last month when I was in NYC my friend Sarah took me to the new Cafe Standard at the Standard Hotel in the East Village and we ordered their Grapefruit Basil Margaritas. They were so good. I love margaritas but the refreshing tartness of grapefruit combined with the aromatic basil was just such a great combination. I had to re-create it at home! 
Photography by Krista A. Jones

grapefruit basil margarita
Grapefruit Basil Margarita
1.5 ounces tequila
2 ounces fresh grapefruit juice
3-4 basil leaves
1.5 ounces basil infused simple syrup 
First make your simple syrup by simmering 1 part sugar to 1 part water and a handful of basil leaves over low heat. Remove from heat as soon as the sugar has disolved. Let the basil leaves sit for 5-10 minutes and then strain. 
Using a shaker with ice mix together tequila, grapefruit juice and simple syrup. Pour over ice and garnish with basil leaves! 

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Grapefruit Basil Margarita



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