Crew’s Nursery Tour



Today I’m excited to share Crew’s beautiful nursery! I’ve followed Crew’s mama, Kelsey for a long time on Instagram – she’s also in the wedding industry and has such beautiful style.  Read on to see how she’s made this small space work for her son!

Where do you live, what do you do and how old is your son?

I live in Washington, DC! 
I’m the creative director & co-founder of Tart Event Co., a DC & VA based event planning company. 
I also blog from time to time about our life in DC at Sitting In Our Tree.
My son, Crew, is 14 months old.

Tell us about your beautiful nursery – how the design came together and how you created the space!

As city-dwellers, we had to sort of make our own magic when it came to our nursery. It’s *technically* a den, & I was feeling every inch of that 8’x8′ space as we tried to get it ready for baby. The size of the space DEFINITELY forced me to stick to the most basic needs. Having a clear design vision helped keep me on track while shopping, knowing exactly what colors to look for & that I couldn’t go crazy with buying all the things because of the size constraints. We went with a peach & sage color palette, & used a print we’d picked up YEARS ago as our inspiration for a garden-y, botanic vibe. We brought in plants to soften the cinderblock walls, & made use of sentimental items to personalize it for our little babe. We got the bunny print our first year of marriage for a “someday” nursery, & the ball lights from pre-baby trip to Paris. We also used some of my husband’s childhood toys to fill the crib while we waited for Crew to arrive. My parents’ refurbished an old dresser to become our changing table AND his clothing storage, which was a lifesaver in that tiny space!

Where are your favorites spots to shop for kids stuff (nursery, clothing etc.)

We find most of our favorite clothes at Zara or H&M, though I’ve found that the key to a boy wardrobe is shopping the boy AND girl sections. Online shops like Maisonette & Bitte have been our go-tos for fun nursery additions, & of course, where would any of us be without our Gathre Mats?

What’s the most challenging part of motherhood for you right now? 

Ah, patience! We’ve entered the temper tantrum phase, & I’m clinging tightly to my current parenting book read, “The Whole Brain Child” as I remind myself that he’s experiencing really big emotions in a really tiny body! 

How do you try to achieve balance while juggling everything during this season of life? 

Balance is a very close runner-up to the most challenging part of motherhood right now! As a work-from-home mom, it’s been an ongoing struggle to figure out how to be a responsible (& responsive!) business owner while being an intentional mother. I’m learning to be better with my time management, so I don’t feel guilty about giving Crew my full attention when he’s awake. It is TOUGH, & I’m continually tweaking our routines & schedule. His growing mind & body is my #1 priority, so we try to build everything else around that! My husband works pretty long hours during his work week, but he’s pretty incredible about taking over nearly all the parental duties on our weekends, so I get my mental breaks & hallelujah for that!

What was pregnancy like for you?

Pregnancy was a breeze! I paid for it with a 2 week overdue baby (which I wouldn’t wish on ANYONE).

What should all mamas keep in mind? 

1) I try to remind myself every day that what I do today builds what he is tomorrow. TERRIFYING, but motivational! This season of Crew wanting my attention & needing me non-stop is so brief, & how I interact with him is all a part of the person he’ll become. 2) You are still y-o-u. That first year of motherhood was A LOT of selfless giving, rightfully so, but as I’ve come out of the baby fog, it’s been really nice to look in the mirror & give myself a “hey girl heyyy!” 

Who are some of your favorite mamas to follow? 

What are you reading right now?

“No-Drama Discipline” by Daniel J. Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson – I wasn’t kidding about the temper tantrums! Ordering a fictional book is on my to-do list ;)


Ideal way to spend an hour by yourself?

Summer weather has just kicked in, so I’d have to say: With a cocktail & a book, on a screened-in porch… so I’m outside but bug-free.
Thanks for sharing your son’s beautiful nursery with us, Kelsey! You can follow Kelsey on Instagram and her blog.

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Crew’s Nursery Tour



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