We Asked Hundreds Of Moms Their Favorite Baby Registry Picks & Here’s What They Said!



I’m really excited to bring you today’s post, in partnership with buybuy BABY! As a mom of two little girls I’ve shared my top baby registry picks twice now – everything I got for baby number one and then everything else we needed when number two came around! My favorite part The Mama Notes is being able to connect with the COMMUNITY of moms that we’ve created here — because we all know that every baby is different and every parent is different….so what baby products work for me may not work for you!

When buybuy BABY reached out about working together I was really eager to put together a NEW baby registry post – one that has crowd sourced, tried and true favorites from our community of moms, not just what I liked with my babies! Hundreds of moms chimed in – and sooo many of you suggested the same baby items ( I love when this happens)! I asked our community to think outside of the baby registry box- to suggest items that a first time mom may not think of.

Luckily, buybuy BABY- the nation’s only retailer dedicated to all things baby has EVERYTHING you could possibly need. With 130 locations across the United States there’s likely one near you that you can go test out strollers and check out car seats in person, but they also have an online registry. They have baby gear experts on-site to help walk you through options (even show you how to wear different baby carriers) and a wide range of price points.

Below I’m going to list out all of the baby registry items any expecting parents should put on their registry but I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of the top items that were repeated over and over when I asked ‘what should you include on your baby registry’.

Moms were 50/50 on suggesting a wrap style carrier or a more structured option like an Ergo or Lille Baby.

I’d definietly suggest a baby carrier! Whether it’s a structured one or a wrap, having your hands free to do other things while baby is fussing or just for extra snuggles, is essential.

Our vote? Put both on your registry! We found ourselves loving a wrap carrier for the newborn days and a more structured option for the following months (and years). The baby registry consultant at buybuy BABY showed me how to easily try on the carriers and wraps and even had a weighted 15lb doll so you could get a sense of how the carrier would feel in actual use!

Time and time again moms suggested Nose Frida, the snot sucker that’s garnered a cult following. It’s a game changer when your baby is sick and great to have on hand already! buybuy BABY has a huge personal care department where you can find everything from diaper rash cream to sunscreen – from literally every baby brand under the sun!

Every parent learns about swaddling their baby – most hospitals and birth classes teach you how to wrap your baby in a thin soft blanket like a little burrito. Swaddling your baby this way is cozy and works until you’re sleep deprived and struggling with all the fabric. Or your little one figures out how to break out of the blanket! Enter the velcro or zippered swaddle. A complete game changer!! You’ll also want to include sleep sacks on your registry for when your baby outgrows the newborn swaddles.

A sound machine will be your best friend in your first few years of parenting! BuyBuyBaby has so many options – but our mamas are partial to the Marcpac Drohm brand! An investment you’ll want to put on your registry for sure.

Don’t forget a SOUND MACHINE I could have improvised a lot of other things (lotions, creams, swaddles, etc), but needed this more than anything!!

And here’s our FULL comprehensive list of baby registry favorites- crowd sourced by The Mama Notes Community!

  1. Boppy: “Such a versatile item to have with a newborn and grows with them!”
  2. Burp Cloths: ” You use so many for so many reasons. Babies are messy!”
  3. Boon Drying Rack: “Nothing better! You don’t need all the accoutrements just the white tree to hang the nipples.”
  4. Baby Bum Diaper Cream Brush: Makes a messy task not so messy. So many moms suggested this brush!
  5. Marpac Hushh Travel Sound Machine: “It’s light weight/portable, can clip it on your stroller or car seat, and is awesome to use as your main sound machine too!”
  6. Ergo 360 Baby Carrier or Moby Wrap Carrier: Baby wearing is essential in the early months! Let the experts at BuyBuyBaby help fit you for the perfect carrier. “It’s essential to getting things done around the house, especially in those first few weeks.”
  7. The Boppy Newborn Lounger: “It’s the perfect resting place and kind of hugs their body in a comforting way. Our daughter was either nursing / in our arms or sleeping in this thing for her first several weeks. A godsend!”
  8. SwaddleMe Swaddle These swaddles make changing your baby in the middle of the night so much easier, and have a nice snug fit -making it hard for babies to break free!
  9. Keekaroo Changing Pad:  “Grows with baby, no slipping and sliding around during changes, and no need for changing the whole diaper pad and cover when baby has blowouts! Makes middle of the night messes a thing of the past.”
  10. Hakaa: If you plan to breastfeed, so many mamas suggest the Hakaa hand pump to catch extra milk when you’re nursing in the first few weeks.
  11. Halo Sleep Sack : Register for Halo Sleep Sacks in a variety of sizes so you are prepared as your baby grows and transitions from the swaddle.
  12. DockATot: “It changed my life!”  Let your baby snuggle close for naps and lounging with a Dock-A-Tot.
  13. NoseFrida: All of the BabyFrida products are LIFE savers  -but the snot sucker is one so many moms rave about!
  14. Zip up Sleepers : Skip the snaps  – register for SEVERAL zip-up sleepers, they make night time changes so much easier when you’re tired.

And some other more obvious items you’ll want to be sure to include on your baby registry:
A monitor, crib, car seat, diaper pail, thermometer, bathtub, diaper bag

You can check out the buybuy BABY registry checklist here – it covers ALL your bases! And some other more obvious items you’ll want to be sure to include on your baby registry.

I also wanted to mention these great ideas that moms had to include: 

Starbucks gift card or a new coffee brewing system, gift certificate for a massage or cleaning service, meal train, subscription for Netflix or Hulu, wine, Taking Cara Babies classes, postpartum doula.

Thank you to BuyBuyBaby for sponsoring this post!




We Asked Hundreds Of Moms Their Favorite Baby Registry Picks & Here’s What They Said!



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