Diet Coke’s Re-Tweets Of Love Campaign




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Have you guys heard about Diet Coke’s #RetweetsofLove campaign? It’s an amazing way that Diet Coke has been showinglove for their fans. For the Twitter campaign, fans tweeted their love for Diet Coke, and Diet Coke surprised over 50 fans by retweeting their tweets in re-imagined, artistic, and very large ways! We’re talking billboards, magazine ads, sculptures, and other imaginative gestures thanks to top illustrators and artists. Last weekend I went to Alexandria to see this incredible sculpture that was created as a retweet to an Alexandria Diet Coke fan’s tweet that read “Hi, Diet Coke. I Love You.” The typography sculpture is 60 feet long and 4,500 cans of diet coke were used to create it. Half of the sculpture is made out of recycled materials and it took nearly 2,000 man-hours to build! Diet Coke decided to spread the love even further and donated $15,000 to The Art League- a charitable art organization based in Alexandria. I love that Diet Coke is spreading the love like this, especially around the holidays. Scroll down to see two images of the sculpture and thank you, Diet Coke, for being so creative and loving! 

Diet Coke 2

Diet Coke 1

*This post is sponsored by Diet Coke. #IWorkWithCoke 





Diet Coke’s Re-Tweets Of Love Campaign



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