DIY Clothes Pin Ballerina Ornaments



The first of my holiday DIYs!!!! I had too much fun making these little pom pom ballerinas! You could easily make them animals or holiday characters (santa, angel, reindeer, elves) instead. I’ve shown them here without the string attached to hang them on a tree, but you can use thin white string or clear fishing line to do so!


Clothes Pins
Yarn or Tulle Pom-Poms (you can make your own using a pom-pom maker). These are the pre-made tulle pom-poms I purchased at Michael’s.

How To:

Use a pom-pom maker to make your pom poms with whatever color yarn you’d like.

Next paint the top of your clothes pins & add shoes and let dry completely. I also used glitter and beads (attaching with a hot glue gun).

Next you’ll want to find the center of your pom pom and sick the clothes pin through. Note: I had to work hard to get the clothes pin to fit in the Michael’s tulle, but it did work!!

Finally, using markers for better accuracy draw on hair and a face!

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DIY Clothes Pin Ballerina Ornaments


  1. Megan Dirks says:

    Love them! What did you use for the wings?

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