DIY Notecards With HP Sprout



HP Sprout DIY

To say I’m tech savvy would be far from the truth — I try to keep up with the latest apps and gadgets but usually require a little help from my tech obsessed husband. When I was asked to try out HP Sprout I was a little nervous since I’d be branching out of my comfort zone a little bit but once the system arrived I was so excited to use it. 

Sprout 1

You guys Sprout is so COOL. It’s a sleek desktop computer with a 3D scanner that is completely hands on. It allows you to touch, tap and drag when working on projects and really allows you to incorporate physical products in the digital world right from your desktop. 

Sprout 3

It’s really quite easy – you grab an object and scan it using the 3D Capture Stage and then can swipe it down to the mat and incorporate it into your design. I especially like the hands on approach since I’m not a wiz with Photoshop. 

Sprout HP

 I created note cards and envelope liners using my scanned flowers — it was really easy to design and print and I can’t wait to whip up another design for the holiday season! 

Sprout DIY 2

 I created the designs on the mat dragging around the different flowers, increasing the size and having fun with scale. I saved my designs as JPEGS and printed them on cardstock. I edged some of them with a gold leaf pen and printed one of my patterns to create envelope liners. I used a template from Paper Source and a glue stick to adhere it to the envelope. 

Sprout DIY

You can check out the Sprout creator gallery here to see more fun project ideas. 

Sprout DIY 6

Sprout DIY 3


*This post is sponsored by HP Sprout. 




DIY Notecards With HP Sprout



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