DIY Playdough Kit Gift



My kids LOVE to use play dough, if you’ve been following me for a while I’m sure you’ve seen my seasonal play dough kits I put together. This year I’m making an evergreen play dough kit for my niece who is 2 and thought I’d share everything with you here! I love giving practical gifts that are also helpful to the parents (i.e. a space to contain everything)!

Our play dough prompt cards are 50% off today making them only $12! You could gift them with a pack of play dough alone for an awesome gift, too! They give your kids TONS of ways to engage with their play dough for a longer period of time!

Here’s a link to everything else:

Tackle Box (several color options)
Silicone Play Mat (available in peach)
Play Dough Prompt Cards
Play Dough is from Five Below but we love this sparkly set
Sparkly filler balls – are from the Dollar Tree but there are lots of options on Amazon
Patterned Rolling Pins
Scissors (do you know how fun it is to use scissors with play dough?! Your kids will love it)




DIY Playdough Kit Gift



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