Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

October 12, 2020

Are you a last minute costume planner like I am? If so we found some easy ideas you can pull together with a quick Amazon order or search through your closet!

Ice cream (or milkshakes)! I made these costumes for the girls in a matter of minutes. I cut up felt and attached it using glue dots so I wouldn’t ruin their PJs. Then I purchased white netted tulle at the craft store and attached it with a hair clip for the whip cream. I painted styrofoam balls red and stuck in a pipe cleaner to create a cherry.

Image via Stitched By Crystal

How cute is this little bandit? All you need is a black & white striped shirt, drawstring bag, black hat & eye mask!

Image via The Sits Girls

This DIY jelly bean costume is so fun! You just need a clear trash bag, some small colored balloons, and a cute colored ribbon to secure the costume in the back.

Image via Lovely Indeed

The cutest astronaut! Grab a jumpsuit or overalls and add some patches – you can find them on Amazon or your local craft store.

Image via Brit + Co

Whip up a super hero costume using this easy tutorial from Brit + Co !

Image via Almost the Real Thing

This cute jellyfish costume is so fun and creative! You just need an umbrella, ribbon or streamers for the tentacles ( + a glue gun to attach them), and LED lights (if you want it to glow).

Image via @caitlinteague

With purple balloons and safety pins, you can make this cute grape costume. Wear a purple top and leggings underneath and you have an easy and affordable costume!

You can transform pair of red pants and shirt (I personally like this all red PJ set) into an adorable ladybug costume with just a little black fabric paint.



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