Easy & Quick DIY Easter Baskets



I shared this easy Easter basket tutorial on Instagram the other day and wanted to post it here as a reference! It cost me $10 per basket and took only 10 minutes. The best part about this is that I think these would look so cute in a play room or kids room with books or animals after Easter!

So you need to RUN to Target and hit up the Dollar Spot for these $5  baskets. If you can’t find them this basket is very similar, so cute and only $7! 

All I did was measure out pom-pom trim that I sourced from JoAnn Fabrics (I purchased mine in the trim department and had them measure and 1 yard per basket) and hot glue it around the top of the basket. Then I hot glued on little pom-poms (also sourced from Joanne’s but plenty on Amazon). The cute bunnies everyone keeps asking about are also from Target but you can order online!  You can shop all our Easter bag picks right HERE




Easy & Quick DIY Easter Baskets


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